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    Default Oliban

    I was the lucky gal with the fast trigger finger who snatched up octothorpe's Oliban sample. Well it arrived today and I gave my opinions of it on the men's side and wanted to do the same here.

    First impressions....

    top notes strong Tobacco scented with a honeyed honey, leather & Cedar ( I know there's no leather in it...but it has a leathery quality to it IMHO)

    The Cedar gets sharper as it dries down as the rose & honey fade away. it was at this point where it turned sharp & green which i wasn't crazy about, but that phase for me luckily was short lived.....
    then the cedar softens and it has a warm ambery-honey drydown...not at all sweet though. I am liking this scent very much!

    I find this scent VERY similar to Feminite du Bois and am not surprised as many of KM's scents seem to be modeled after SL's....such as Loukhoum, A fleur de Peau, & Myrrhe et Merveilles

    Feminite du bois is fruitier and Oliban has rose in place of the fruit....but there is a distinct similarity in my book.

    This to me is definitely unisex.....although the top notes are leaning toward the fminie doesn't pick up masculinity until the cedar rises at which point this unisex scent leans towards the masculine on me.....the dry down is simply warm & cozy and I think this may be a bottle worthy scent.

    Thanks again Octothorpe for passing along your sample. I have passed it along to LadyLonestar and am interested to here her take on it as well.


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    Thanks for the review, Buffalo Gal. I'm really looking forward to the sample! Since you mention cedar and rose... that puts me in mind of L'Or. Any similarity to that one?

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    Default Re: Oliban

    Sorry LadyL I've never tried L'Or......wish I could be of more help...but'll be trying it in a few days and you'll know for sure then

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    I never tried any of KM's scents before but if it's anything like FeminitŽ du Bois, I'm verrrry interested.

    Shouldn't there be Olibanum in a perfume called Oliban?

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    Default Re: Oliban

    Many thanks for the review, Diane! Now I'm even more curious about Oliban!
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    I tried this yesterday. The beginning has a tangy fruity note that was pretty obvious to my nose, and must be the tangerine that is not listed in some places for this scent. Then it moves into a honeyed tobacco that also mocks a bit of maple syrup to my nose....similar to AG Sables. The final result was really really close to Jardins Ottomans by Gobin-Daude..which is a citrussy patchouli little number and one that I quite like.

    I did not get a strong impression of cedar or olibanum. For was orange...sweet tobacco (this part was kind of fleeting) and then the patchouli base with some other players. Didn't get the rose either.

    It will be interesting to see what others smell in this as there is already quite a bit of variance in the reviews on another forum. Will be especially curious to see if Tigs gets the similarity to Jardins as she is a fan of Gobin-Daude..

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