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    Default URGENT! Guerlain Bad News

    Firstly, apologies to Tigs for accidentally losing the thread. Here's what it refered to:

    "A terrible rumour had been circulating among perfumers for the last six months or so. Apparently, Guerlain had decided to modify all its classic fragrances (14 of them) to bring them into conformity with IFRA guidelines. IFRA is an industry body that keeps track of any health problems arising from fragrance use, i.e. allergies, etc. Its decisions are not law, merely recommendations. When IFRA says some raw material has been found to cause allergies in a small number of people, you can either remove it or put a small label that says what it does. The accepted practice in the industry is that only new fragrances need to be totally IFRA compliant. "
    Read the article and then e-mail Guerlain's customer relations officer, isabelle Rousseau,

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    Default Re: URGENT! Guerlain Bad News

    No worries, Grant, the main thing is that the info is showing! [smiley=smiley.gif]

    I wonder if Isabelle Rousseau's mailbox is filled to capacity by now.
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