We've upgraded to a newer version of the forum software in the hope that this will ease some of the problems we've been having. If you are used to the old board, this version isn't overly different, but bear in mind that I have still to implement some of the Basenotes-specific features such as the flags.

One BIG problem -- the conversion didn't go as planned and most of the messages are lost. About two years worth in fact. This means that much-read-threads, such as the classic "which cologne is the gayest" and "classics of men's fragrance" aren't currently available, it also means some of the introductory posts to some forums are missing -- we'll try and sort that out soon...

However, we are shorlty implementing an archive system, which will mean that all messages from 2000 - 2004 will be fully searchable (and that includes the messages from the "Nostalgia" days of Yahoo.

Bear with us while these changes take place, and let me know if you have any problems. I may take ages to get back to you, but this doesn't mean I don't care, but remember that this is a part-time gig -- I have a real job, a real family and real bills that need paying -- so if I don't get back straight away, it's not personal!

Thanks for all your patience. This year is going to see some exciting new developments at Basenotes land...


PS Once again, sorry for the mess up. I'm annoyed it's taking me nearly a month to upgrade and it all went wrong [smiley=angry.gif]