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    Default New and seeking recommendations

    having practiced my nose on wine and whisky, I only recently took a deeper interest in fragrances, which quickly brought me to this site .
    I made the "big mistake" and bought a number of fragrances blind off ebay based on indepth studies of basenote reviews. Must say though, that considering the decent prices (by German standards) and the chance of reselling what I do not like I don't feel I've wasted a fortune for naught.
    I have a preference, this much is becoming clear, for greenish/ citrus/ fruity fragrances with a clear, natural smell. Past Jil Sanders, especially Man Pure from 1981, Clinique Happy, and Eau d'Orange Verte are way up on my list. I also like Creed's Millésime Impérial, which has what has been described here as a watermelon scent that actually reminds me of certain Jil Sander products.
    My question, anyways, is what kind of recommendations you have in this direction. One obvious choice seems Eau du Sud by Annick Goutal, but there must be so many more. I should add that Eau Sauvage is terrible on me - the old man/fecal/B.O. thing kills off the nice citrus opening immediately.

    Now the only thing vexing me is that you can't were fragrances when seriously drinking wine :-X

    Greetings from the fertile plains of the Wetterau, north of Frankfurt/Germany

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    Default Re: New and seeking recommendations

    Welcome aboard!

    You might consider:
    Monsieur de Givenchy (you might think it old mannish though!)
    Good Life (although I believe fig notes are actually synthetic, Good Life smells pretty natural to me)

    beyond that I'm stumped for some reason. I might have more later!
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    Default Re: New and seeking recommendations

    If you are looking for natural, don't miss L'Artisan's Navegar, which is grassy and woody and smells of rain on a warm day.

    und ich wuensche ihnen Herzlich Wilkommen bei Basenotes!

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    Default Re: New and seeking recommendations

    Probably Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermès, if you don't already know it.
    also Higher
    L'Eau par Kenzo
    Miracle l'aquatonique
    and perhaps Live Jazz
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    Default Re: New and seeking recommendations

    I'd suggest Guerlain Mouchoir de Monsieur

    The background is described at the Guerlain website:
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    Default Re: New and seeking recommendations

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be following those up. I've just ordered some samples at a German webshop that carries a great selection of niche-only fragrances (at least they look niche to a newbie).

    L'Artisan Parfumeur - Navegar
    Detaille - Aéroplane
    Lorenzo Villoresi - Piper Nigrum - EdT
    Lorenzo Villoresi - Yerbamate - EdT
    Loewe - Agua
    L'Artisan Parfumeur - L'Eau de L'Artisan
    Comme des Garcons - Series 2: Harissa
    La Base - Eau de Toilette for him
    Prince Jardinier - Citrus Allegro
    Gendarme - Classic
    Diptyque - Oyédo
    Crown Perfumery - Crown Spiced Limes

    That should keep me busy for a while

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    Default Re: New and seeking recommendations

    I am not here for assisstance because I have none and you have certainly been taken care of my the other wonderful members of this community.

    I am here to say WELCOME! I love this introductory thing. I am glad to see your progression through wines and whiskeys to finally make it to humans .

    I personally like the L'Artisan line so I would second those two you are looking into smelling. I hope you find what you are looking for. Once again, Welcome.


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    Default Re: New and seeking recommendations

    I'll tell you what to expect from the samples you ordered and also lay down a couple of recs:
    Piper Nigrum- Awesome, super peppery-in-your-face opening segues into a sweet, peppery drydown
    L'Eau de L'Artisan- Probably the most boring L'Artisan there is. It is overall a "good smelling scent" and is probably one of the better ones of its type (its type being boring green scent). It is on the fresh side, and smells natural, but it might be hard to justify droppin' a bill ($100) on such an unextraordinary scent.
    Gendarme- I'm sure you know what to expect here
    Diptyque- To be completely honest, I think Diptyque is trash, though I don't have much experience with this scent in particular.

    Well those are the ones that I've smelled. Good thinkin though ordering samples, always a smart step. My two favorite fresh fragrances are Geir and Mugler Cologne. You should def check those out, I think they would work well for you given what you're looking for. Belial's rec of Live Jazz is a good one. Live Jazz is cool, fresh and herbal and smells to me very natural.

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    Default Re: New and seeking recommendations

    Carthusia - Mediterraneo
    The most natural of all the lemon fragrances, imo.

    Acqua di Parma - Colonia
    My preference over Eau Sauvage. *Lemon top notes with a lavendar drydown.

    Acqua di Parma - Blu Mediterraneo Arancia
    A worthy companion to Eau d'Orange Verte.

    Thierry Mugler - Cologne/Frank - Frank/Creed - Original Vetiver
    Three great green fragrances, all similar, pick the one which works best on you.

    Fresh - Index *
    My experience with this line is limited, but fragrances include pear, orange chocolate, honeysuckle grapefruit, manderine amber, etc.
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    Default Re: New and seeking recommendations

    Thank you everyone. I shall be reporting my experiences on the male fragrances board.

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