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    Default Atomizers for decanting in Germany

    And here goes the next question. I would like to decant fragrances into small 10ml atomizers for travel and bathroom storage while stowing away the original bottles in a fridge.
    Anybody here know a German source for such paraphernalia at decent prices and non-industry quantities? Internet shop or Frankfurt/Main area store would be perfect.

    Thank you!
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    Default Re: Atomizers for decanting in Germany

    I do not know this myself, but there are several Basenoters in Germany who decant fragrances. send a PM to either Gerald in Bayern or Paradieserl im Schwarzwald, they can certainly give you good tips.

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    Hi there,

    indeed it's quite hard to get good atomizers here. I used to buy atomizers on e-bay - sometimes you can find nice-looking glass atomizers there. But be careful - I found out that many of them are ok for home use but not for shipping fragrances by airplane because they're leaking (due to pressure).

    In terms of quality I've made good experiences with atomizers from Have a look at their website catalogue, choose your product and contact them by e-mail. They're in Austria, so delivery to Germany is problem-free. The bottles are leakage-proof and I like their simple and pure design. Sometimes you have to be patient with this company. Once they told me a delivery time of 20 days - the atomizers arrived after 3 months. Another time they sent me a wrong bottle size, and so on. But all in all, they always attempt to correct mistakes as soon as possible, and as I said before, the atomizers are good.


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    Default Re: Atomizers for decanting in Germany

    hello! i was also searching everywhere. i found some smaller (2ml) glass atomizers and also eyedropper bottles at a homeopathic supplies shop online called Lansche ( I just ordered today, so I'm hoping for the best! ps - i'm new to this and would love to swap with others in germany.
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