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    Default Good Office Wear


    pls recommend a good office wear fragrance. something not tooo mild and not too strong but very pleasant and with good longevity without disturbing others and but still get compliments.

    thank you.

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    Welcome to the board, ice!

    My all-time favorite office fragrance is Lanvin L'Homme. It's crisp and clean, with a touch of lavendar.

    Other good ones:

    TM Cologne
    Live Jazz
    Terre d'Hermès (which just got me a compliment today)

    Good luck, and remember to sample before you buy!


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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    Hey, Ice.

    No one seems to agree on my office suggestion of Blv Notte pour Homme. They are all crazy I say. It is perfect IMO.

    Others I would suggest are Dolce & Gabana PH, GIT, Pi, Boss Bottled, and Rive Gauche. Those are few that would fit the bill for me. I don't know about you though. I hope this helped.


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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    second gendarme.

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    Gendarme (original and V)
    CK Eternity Summer
    Azzaro Chrome
    Givenchi Blue Label
    Davidoff Cool Water
    Aqva de Bvlgari
    L'Instant de Guerlin PH

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    It just so happens that one I've been big on lately perfectly fits your description. It is one that Octo alreay mentioned, TM Cologne. At first it seems good but unimpressive, but after having worn it a number of times now I think that it's awesome! It is very clean, but not in a gross synthetic, annoying fruity or boring aquatic way. Just really pleasant. Works well in all types of weather. It is very light but gives off a deceptive amount of sillage. People can usually smell the slightest bit of delicious freshness from about four feet away, which is great because it never feels heavy. I get a good number of compliments on it too. I really think that this is the scent you are looking for. Give it a few tries, and apply very liberally! It's a fun one to overapply because it is really impossible to apply too much.

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    I think Caron Pour un Homme and Chanel Egoiste are great for the office. *I wear both of these to the office quite often. *

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    Z by Zegna, fresh and not so loud, is a good choose for the office, IMO.
    Faves right now: Chanel No 19, Stella Rose Absolute, L´Heure Bleu, Elixir de Merveilles, Samsara.

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    Lanvin L'Homme is excellent for the office--My office favorite.

    Life Jazz is very good, too.

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    Guerlain Vetiver anyone? I got it yesterday and haven't had much time to try it, but it seems like the perfect office frag.

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    Quote Originally Posted by rompip
    Guerlain Vetiver anyone? *I got it yesterday and haven't had much time to try it, but it seems like the perfect office frag.

    You're right. I forgot about that one.

    Add Guerlain Vetiver to my list.

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    Dana English Leather is underrated, but does well in an office setting if worn lightly.

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    I also recommend Guerlain Vetiver for the office (or for anytime, as a matter of fact).

    Another good office scent is Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron. *I recommend the EDP rather than the EDT. *The EDP seems to project just the right amount, and the EDT doesn't quite project enough, IMO. *But be careful how much Jaïpur Homme EDP you spray on your skin. *You don't want to overdo it. *I have discovered that one single spray is enough, at least for my skin (and my skin has a tendency to not hold fragrances). * **

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    EnvYus is crazy.
    Blv Notte? (actually, I can kind of see some offices....where there's babes and disco lights and stuff...)

    I am really pretty concervative with fragrances at the office. I recommend the following:

    Bulgari Pour Homme
    Roger & Gallet's Green Tea (Eau de Thé Vert)
    or Odeur 53 by Comme des Garcons (now someone will acuse me of being crazy)

    I work in very close quarters with many people, and these are the only ones I feel comfortable with, after much experimentation.
    Someday I'm just gonna go nuts and wear like 7 sprays of Kouros applied to the crotch area. Sort of the fragrance junkie's version of going postal...

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    I'll agree with the previous posters and cast my vote for Terre D'Hermes and Dolche and Gabanna PH.

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    Chrome - Azzaro
    DKNY Men - DKNY
    Burberry Brit - Burberrys
    Eternity - Calvin Klein
    Bulgari pour homme - Bvlgari
    Cool Water - Davidoff

    These are easy to wear and should not offend office people, as far as I have experienced.
    Current Top 5

    1. Creed Aventus
    2. A*Men Pure Malt
    3. L'instant Extreme
    4. Nasomatto Duro
    5. CDG - Kyoto

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    I love Marc Jacobs on men, it is so nice and easy to wear. Also Pasha by Cartier, Dior Higher, you have to sample and see what you like [smiley=chanel.gif] ;D

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    Should I ask here for some advice on office wear for ladies or start a different topic? I need some advice on what I can or should use from my wardrobe and wishlist.
    But once you get locked into a serious perfume collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    I find CK Eternity just a bit too common and "loud" for office use. I'm going to try D&G Pour Homme, Prada Amber, Guerlain Vetiver, Guerlain Homme L'Eau, D&G The One, and Hanae Mori HM.

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    Burberry London

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    +1 for Mugler Cologne and Cool Water. Both are very versatile, work year round, and aren't really going to be offensive to anyone.

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    Chanel pour Monsieur

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    Although a bit pricey, my favorite office scent is Bond No. 9's Wall St. It's a very unoffensive aquatic with lots of cucumber notes. Another favorite is YSL L'Homme.

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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    not all offices are the same

    Creed RW and OV for me
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    Default Re: Good Office Wear

    YSL m7 Fresh.

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