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    Default Please help! I need a replacement and an update?

    I'm so happy to find this board. I've been hunting all over the internet ... and no answers! I have a confession: I fell in love with Aveda's Dune Primrose (part of their Desert Pure-fumes line, I believe). It reminds me of ... don't mean to be corny here, but... a flower than grew on the beach in my childhood in S America. I swear I've smelled before. I've smelled the other Desert Pure-fumes in the line, but those don't do anything for me the way the Dune Primrose does. Honestly, I'd sit in a corner smiling and smelling my wrists! [smiley=cheesy.gif]

    Well, it's been discontinued! Horrors! :'( I've stocked up on the small roll-on tubes available on Ebay, but I'd love to find a replacement for it for when it's all gone. I'm also interested in 'upgrading' (updating?) the fragrance. This scent seems to have a short half-life, even allowing for olfactory fatigue, I think. I have searched all over to find the notes in it but was only able to find what I already knew: lilac and jasmine. I'd be interested in trying some other scents in the same family. Any suggestions? Also, if anyone can provide any more information on the olfactory elements in this perfume, I'd be eternally grateful.

    I'm so glad I stumbled into this board!


    P.S. I reconnected with perfumes after many years (and years) of neglecting my earlier interest after reading the intoxicating Luca Turin.

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    Default Re: Please help! I need a replacement and an updat

    Welcome! You're going to have so much fun here!

    I suggest you give Les Parfums de Rosine Ecume de Rose a try. *It's my next full-bottle purchase and it smells just like roses on a beach! *

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    Default Re: Please help! I need a replacement and an updat

    Get some Guerlain Parure, which has jasmine and lilac notes. White Linen could be a reasonable back-up, having those notes as well.
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