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    Default Which one would you choose for... ??

    Hi guys,

    I know that there was a similiar thread long time ago. But I think it's fun what others suggest...

    Which frag(s) would you choose for:

    1. an evening with good friends: dinner, talking....
    2. when you go clubbing and want to be noticed
    3. a special date with a nice girl: romantic dinner, night...
    4. when you want to seduce someone

    Ok, let me begin....

    I suggest:

    1. evening: Rochas man
    2. clubbing: Dolce Gabanne ph
    3. special date: Rive gauche ph
    4. seduce: Rive gauche ph

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    Default Re: Which one would you choose for... ??

    I would have to make a different list that what you have compiled.

    It would go like this:
    Evening: Black Code
    Clubbing: Blu Notte pour homme (I don't go clubbing so this one is always hard for me)
    Date: Dior Homme or Gucci Envy ( I like something sweeter that Rive Gauche because it attracts girls better IMO)
    Seduction: Tea for Two IThe ultimate seductress)


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    Default Re: Which one would you choose for... ??

    these are just off the top of my head:

    1) Hanae Mori - HM EdP
    2) M7
    3) Halston Z-14
    4) Santos Concentree (original)
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    Default Re: Which one would you choose for... ??

    It's what I feel now (I can change my mind even today :-) )

    Evening: Van Cleef & Arpels

    Clubbing: Vetiver des Sables

    A special date: Caron 3ème Homme

    To seduce: Sables or Fracas EDP

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    Default Re: Which one would you choose for... ??

    1. Antaeus
    2. Platinum Egoiste
    3. Ungaro III
    4. Kouros

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    Default Re: Which one would you choose for... ??

    Evening: Royal English Leather

    Clubbing: Ho Hang Club

    Special date: Millésime Impérial or SMN Citta di Kyoto

    Seduction: Jaisalmer
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