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    Default how does a gel with olive oil help your fragrance.

    longetivity?and if it is unscented does it affect even a little your fragrance?

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    Default Re: how does a gel with olive oil help your fragra

    Hello Antonio, and a warm welcome to Basenotes.

    I moved your question over to this board because it might get more attention here, and thus more answers.

    The principle is that fragrance lasts longer on oily skin. Fragrance oils blending with skin oils. I don't have an olive oil moisturizing product, but I've got one of jojoba oil, which is thought to be the most odorless of oils and I've spread it on a few times when I was getting ready to put on a favorite scent that I know doesn't last long.

    I think a gel with a scent would in principle alter the smell of you, or the fragrance you've applied, and your experience would be the indicator of how much of an effect would be present.

    But the best answer to your question is that usually fragrance lasts shorter on dry skin than oily skin, and although "oily skin" sounds nasty what I really mean is moisturized skin, and many people do that with some form of oil, gel, or balm.

    Hope this helps. Glad to have you looking over the site.
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    Default Re: how does a gel with olive oil help your fragra

    I moisturize with unscented sweet almond oil -- it comes from almonds, but has no odor that I can detect. Plus, its relatively cheap, and soaks in well.
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