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    Default newbie w/sample question

    Linked over here from shavemyface. *Excellent website.

    I am wondering if any of you have ordered the Crown sampler from ?

    How are the samples prepared? *Did you get the "real" thing from this company? *Was it worth the $20?

    If there is a sticky about "how/where to obtain samples" I apologize for not being able to find it.


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    Default Re: newbie w/sample question

    Welcome to basenotes!!!I think it looks pretty safe. It is always worth it to get samples first so you are already on the right track. I would order them because everything looks to be in order. There are plenty of BaseNoters will make samples or decants for you to get some tests in. Some ship free and some will cost you but you'll be able to find mostly everything Look there to find whatever you need.

    Other ways attain samples are going to stores. I don't know any with Crown Perfumery stuff though. I hope you find what you are looking for.

    Verdict: buy


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    Default Re: newbie w/sample question

    I called Parfumsraffy. The samples are the small tubes that most department store-type samples come in.

    Is this still worth the $20?

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    Default Re: newbie w/sample question

    $20 + shipping for 4 samples seems high.

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    Default Re: newbie w/sample question

    I got my Creed samples from before I joined here.

    4 bucks a pop, so it works out to be a little cheaper.

    I still think you'll get a better deal from a Basenoter.

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    Default Re: newbie w/sample question

    I got the Creed samples from Perfume Raffy and I assume that the Crown samples would be the same--they were not official Creed samples--they were house filled from testers. They were in the smallest tube available--1 ml, I believe. The scents in them were from very good stock, I believe.

    If you can find a Basenoter with the same Crown samples, I'm sure you'll find a better deal than Perfume Raffy. From my experience, I can vouch for P R --while not the best deal in the world, it's not a rip off, either.

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    Default Re: newbie w/sample question

    I did pick up Creed samples from scentemental (I haven't received them yet and I forget which ones :)

    I still would like to sample Crown.

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    Default Re: newbie w/sample question

    Quote Originally Posted by 4hits

    If there is a sticky about "how/where to obtain samples" I apologize for not being able to find it.

    Oh by the way, aside from the fact that I misread your original post and thought you were looking for CREED samples and now CROWN samples, I also have a link for you for other samples:

    Its old and not 100% accurate anymore (one of the email addresses wasn't working, the phone number for Creed/Bond samples only does Bond, not Creed, etc.) but for the most part, its all good info!

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