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    Default Which are the classics?

    In my earlier post above I asked for recs. similar to Halston 1-12 and Bijan. *I read advice to another newbie that he should start smelling the classics for a good intro to fragrances. *Any classics in my original recs? *Any more you'd recommend?

    Thanks a bunch. *Love this sight!

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    Default Re: Which are the classics?

    well, my concept of classics: are those fragrances made in the past (usually 50's to late 80's) that (due to its rich, complex, distinct, even extravagant smell) haven't aged bad. They are still considered GREAT fragrances.
    - Chanel pour monsieur
    - Monsieur Givenchy
    - Guerlain Vetiver
    - Polo
    - Azzaro pour homme
    - Jacomo de Jacomo
    - YSL Kouros

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    Default Re: Which are the classics?

    -Vintage Tabarome
    -Santal Imperial

    There are some others I consider classic but probably are not.


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    Default Re: Which are the classics?

    Great picks, you guys!! *R Cavs spotlighting some if the benchmark designer scents while EnvYus poining out some rich, opulent niche offerings!! *You guys hit the bulls-eye!!

    Howev-ah!! *May I round out the field......with some mass-marketed offerings? *Perhaps not on everyones faves list, but how 'bout........

    Tabac Original.
    Jovan Musk (Men's and Women's!)
    Old Spice.

    Not exactly a masterpiece in each one, perhaps.....but they all still sell. *Someone's gotta be buying them!! *

    Oh.....and lest i forget some designer/niche classics, too...............

    Guerlain Habit Rouge.
    Dior's Eau Sauvage
    Caron pour un Homme.
    Knize Ten.

    Let's get some more!!!

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    Default Re: Which are the classics?

    Somehow, they left off Paco Rabanne above.

    Then there's the modern day classics - they aren't that old, but they started off a trend that numerous others have since followed. Examples of these are Eternity (how many clones can a scent have?), Joop Homme (started the sweet men's fragrance story) and Fahrenheit (started the mossy green scent category).

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    Default Re: Which are the classics?

    Let me add some more classics:

    * Aramis
    * YSL pour homme
    * Givenchy Gentleman
    * Van Cleef & Arpels pour homme
    * Bogart's One Man Show
    * Chanel Antaeus
    * Antonio Puig Quorum
    * Trussardi Uomo
    * Boss N.1
    * Hermès Bel Ami
    * Fendi uomo
    * Lapidus pour homme
    * Alfred Sung pour homme

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    Default Re: Which are the classics?

    I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I think these could also be considered to be classics. They have stood the test of time and are inexpensive. EVERYONE will mention niche frag's but as a previous poster pointed out (apologies I dont recall who) the mass market frags do and always will exist.

    4711 ;D (Muelhens)
    Aramis (Aramis)
    Pino Silvestre (Mavive)
    Quorum (Puig)
    Agua Brava (Puig)
    Kanon (Scannon)
    Witness (Jacques Bogart)

    Some of them may be very individualistic / not everyones taste but they're all of a decent to good quality and wont require that you blow your budget. I am also a fan of longevity in a frag and other than 4711 these all last more than 4 hours.

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