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    Default Newbie needs new scent for summer

    Hey gang,

    First post. I've enjoyed reading the forums and reviews.

    I'm looking for a new scent. Here's some background, etc:

    For years I've worn Escada Silver Light almost exclusively. Nights, days, weekends, weddings, etc. I always received so many compliments and it just became part of me. Alas I'm almost out of it and kinda bored and ready for a change.

    A couple years ago I bought Gucci Rush for Men at xmas time. I liked the cedar and woods mixed with a hint of patchoulli, but it wasn't perfect and I could only wear it sometimes. It worked on holidays. But lately I've started wearing it more and like the scent. Although it's a bit harsh sometimes.

    A friend recently had on Gucci pour Homme and I was taken aback by how interesting it was. But as with many woody colognes, they seem to be a bit much for summer.

    So I guess what I'm looking for is something out of the ordinary...something woody with incense, patchoulli, etc, tones. BUT, I want it to be wearable during the day at work in the office, and in the summer. I guess I'm thinking a cross of an Escada and a Gucci PH or similar.

    Creed GIT seems intriguing, not sure if it's very good for summer though. I need to take a ride to the mall to check some out in person, but I thought I'd ask for some opinions first.

    Anyhow, thanks for listening to the babble

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    Default Re: Newbie needs new scent for summer

    Welcome to Basenotes. I hope we get some good answers to you. Of course you've got the best idea already--going down to the smellies counter and trying what's there. Still, in some hot summer weather a few years ago I wore Givenchy Pour Homme for a while. I liked it and it might be what you're looking for. Woody in a wine cask sort of way, maybe not perfectly incense-y, or perfectly patchouli, but still, a nice flavor with some heaviness that did work in the warm.
    Course you might hate it when you smell it, but what can one do?

    Oh, and I'm referring to the Givenchy Pour Homme that comes in the red packaging, not the blue one.
    Good luck,
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Newbie needs new scent for summer

    Hi, kook, love your name. Welcome to the boards.

    Chris's suggestion of Givenchy Pour Homme is a very good one. Another would be, I think, Azzaro Visit--parts of which remind me of Gucci PH, and I think it would be a little easier to take in the summer.

    If you have the money and opportunity and would like to move a little upscale, you should check out the Comme des Garcons Incense series, particularly Jaisalmer and Ouarzazate--they are both a little like Gucci PH but a little more refined and a little more adaptable to summer's heat.

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    Default Re: Newbie needs new scent for summer

    I'm pretty much only here to say WELCOME! It is great to see a new member with such enthusiasm! I like Patchouli Patch by L'Artisan. It may not fill your requirements but it is worth a try...


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    Default Re: Newbie needs new scent for summer

    It's pretty tough to find a fragrance with so many heavy notes (wood, patchouli, etc.) that is suitable for hot weather. I mean if you do find one I would probably only wear it at night and then very lightly. Instead of creating an obstacle for yourself in the form of this high expectation, perhaps you could try to find a scent you like that is more suitable for summer. It sounds like you want something deeper and more sophisticated than the usual summer cologne, which is definately respectable. Geir is definately something to consider. You can test that out at Nordstroms, or you could nicely ask our friend Maisonstinky for a sample, or you could buy a decant of it off of many of the friendly basenotes members including myself. Some people absolutely fall in love with Geir. I really like it but find it a bit tempermental. Another thing to do would be to just look for something that is plain good and not worry about molds. For instance, I tend to like niche scents and orientals and sophisticated frags, but as much as I try to only wear that kind of stuff I still have a huge soft spot for an awesome fresh scent. The one that I can't get enough of right now is Thierry Mugler Cologne. Currently it is far and away my go-to warm weather scent. It opens with a beautiful burst of juicyness and bergamot (no annoying lemon or melon notes) and then has a warm, soapy drydown with a hint of musk. It wears PERFECTLY in hot weather! It is just so damn versatile, and I can't stop sniffing myself and thinking damn I smell good! Just today I wore it and someone said "who smells good?" and this girl took credit for it! I smelled the girl and she smelled completely neutral. I knew the whole time that it was me though and that's all that matters. Oh and later I got another compliment (though the first ones wasn't a direct compliment I still count it) so yea people dig this stuff and I've never smelled it on anyone else. Check it out and if I think of any scents that are closer to what you mentioned than I'll get right back to ya.

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    Default Re: Newbie needs new scent for summer

    Thanks for all of the help so far, great advice all around. I will definately be hitting Nordstrom today or tomorrow and will try to get to perfumania and frag outlet which are in some nearby outlets to try out those which have been recommended so far.

    The Giraffe, you're right, I'm definately looking for something a bit deeper, yet I want it to still have a summery "float" to it.

    I had been reading the reviews of Thierry Mugler Cologne and already had that one on my short list so your recommendation definately highlights it for me. Up until a year ago or so, when asked what types of scent I preferred, my standard answers were powdery, soapy, & clean. I think that could still work for me if it was complex enough. Kind of like growing up from a good standard chianti or merlot to my latest fav Oakville Franciscan (for those wine enthusiasts). Or from Bud to Stella

    Thanks again for the info. It's nice to visit a forum that's all about fun and helping and not about trolling and arguing.


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    Default Re: Newbie needs new scent for summer

    Just got back from shopping....picked up Gucci PH -- couldn't resist, something about that one. I know it's spring, but it's been rainy and cold here so that's the mood I'm in.

    Also picked up Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin....WOW....never saw this coming...but it was just tasty...maybe because I was hungry. We'll see how it works out. I love the aniseed mixed with wood and at first sniff I thought it might be a bit too much for the spring but I think the vanilla keeps it fresh. It's a bit of a rainbow...It will be interesting to see how it wears long term.

    On a funny note, I tried some kouros because I haven't smelled it in years. The woman at the counter looked at me like I was crazy. I just laughed. On the way home, I was smelling my wrist where the Kouros was, and I was totally transported back to exploring my uncle's medicine chest as a kid. Amazingly intense memory trigger. I will be buying some when I spot a deal.

    Almost grabbed the new Valentino too. Check out my "review" in the Male Frag forum.

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