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Thread: coughing fit

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    Some fragrances - most recently JOOP! Jump - have some sort of flowery, powdery finish which gives me a completely unenjoyable coughing fit at the end.

    What Is in some fragrances that does this? Is it just my reaction, or is it a particular ingredient? Can anyone tell me so that I know what not to look for?


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    Default Re: coughing fit

    It's hard to say. When I first read the post, the bases that came to mind were possibly tonka bean(powdery,vanillic) or orris(powdery, iris root). One of Joop Jump's reveiws says it has a noticable tonka base. The only way to ferret out the offending note is to list the ones that choke you, find their pyramids, and see if they all have a common note. Or it may be the whole psychological niggle of smelling powder from any powdery base. The brain can really trip you up.
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    Default Re: coughing fit

    I`ve honestly noticed that frags with heavy benzoin notes can cause some reactions. (coughing, but also itching and even dry throat)

    I`ve noticed this can happen also with powdery (floral) notes, and Joop! is quite much filled up with them. However, in this case it could also be just the synthetic nature of this specific scent.

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    Default Re: coughing fit

    Hm, thanks guys. Something to think about. What are some other powdery notes to look out for?

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    Default Re: coughing fit

    Hehe, I just now noticed that you were talking about Joop! Jump. Somehow I missed that and thought you were having some troubles with orig. Joop!

    Sorry, I really should be more attentive. :-[

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