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    who are you and where is the post i just wrote? this website is so confusing not everyone excels at computers. i just went to look at the reply from lpp and the entire message is not in just starting out forum where i placed it. also in the swap section it says you need to be a supporting member what does that mean? i don't have 500 posts. what is a bump? how does it affect swaps? why all the jargon why not just spell things out in plain english? i just want to trade one bottle of fragrance for another. jeez!

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    Didn't you receive the pm sent earlier directing you to the Marketplace with links, todg?

    As you have been a member for a year you do qualify to start Sales, Swap & Wanted threads there and your profile shows that you should be able to start Marketplace threads.

    A 'bump' is a new post which sends an old thread to the top of the relevant Forum and there are rules about frequency in order that all threads have fair visibility.

    Sorry if deleting the original thread was confusing but posts about swaps are not allowed in the discussion threads.
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