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    Default Which combination of these fragances?


    Firstly, sorry for the broken english. I'm from Brazil. Secondly, this is my first post here so hello you all. This is a great board (been reading and researching for a while)!

    Well, I'll buy 2 of the fragances listed below:

    Chic - Carolina Herrera
    Black - Polo
    Visit - Azzaro
    L'eau par - Kenzo
    Happy - Clinique
    212 - Carolina Herrera

    Since I live in a small town I have very few options. I can't even smell some of them so this can become a blind buy. I know I like Chic, Polo Black and 212. The others I didn't try.

    I want one for more classic stuff, like dinner with my girlfriend and one for every day use, day and night.

    My first choice is Polo Black/Chic (every day) and Visit. What do you guys think? Remember that here in Brazil we have ~ 9 hot and humid months and 3 kind of cold (12 C - 20 C) and dry months.

    If you have another combination you think would fit better in my case, tell me and I'll see if I can buy it online.

    Thanks a lot for your help.



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    Default Re: Which combination of these fragances?

    Welcome to the board, Gustavo! We two share our name, except mine is Dutch *. Your English is great, by the way.

    Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with the scents you posted. But since you live in such a hot climate, I'd definitely recommend something fresh for every day wear (L'Eau par Kenzo is one of them). Sorry I can't help you out on all of your requests, but I'm sure someone else can.
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    Default Re: Which combination of these fragances?

    The only one I know is 212 and I strongly suggest it

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    Default Re: Which combination of these fragances?

    Hey, Welcome to Basenotes Gustavo!

    Personally, I didn't like Visit. It got very cloying for me with just one spray and it lasts forever. I say, if you know what you like, then go with it! Otherwise you'll just be thinking "oh, I should have bought that one." Blind buys are a risk: they sometimes work in your favor and sometimes not. It's a gamble, but in the end, it is totally up to you!

    Also, check out the Just Starting Out board. It's a great way to get welcomed to the community for new members.

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    Default Re: Which combination of these fragances?

    Let me welcome you to Basenotes also. You ask a great question and I'm sure members will think it over and post some replies.

    I moved your post over to the Just Starting Out board because I think it will get more attention here. Sorry if there is confusion about that.

    I like Azzaro Visit very much myself but it seems to me to be one that probably won't make you very happy for the 9 hot months that you have. It's a great scent for sure, but it's heavy and in the heat that heavyness will come out and it might be too much. The lighter things like Happy and L'Eau Par Kenzo might fit better for daily wear during those hot months.

    Otherwise, you pick good fragrances. I don't think you could really go wrong with any of them. The ones you haven't smelled you'll probably think are as good as the ones you have smelled.

    Thanks for joining us here! We'll see what other members propose scentwise to you. Oh, and yes, your English is excellent.
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    Default Re: Which combination of these fragances?

    I would like to welcome you to the boards. It looks like you have recieved a warm welcome so far. You speak wonderful English. It is probably better than mine and I am American!!

    As for your choices... I am not farmilliar with any of them except Visit, which I find extremely peppery and good for cold weather.

    I hope you enjoy youself here and please don't hesitate to contitue to ask us questions!


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    Default Re: Which combination of these fragances?

    From what I've heard through other Brazilian BN members, strong fragrances are a good thing in your country/climate. I would wear strong, spicy frags in the summer, too, if it didn't make me stand out so much where I live.

    Visit and Polo would be fine choices. They are both long-lasting, well-made, and interesting. I would go easy on them, however- Visit tends to 'bloom' in heat.

    Ah, and now I realize that it is becoming winter for you, since you are in the southern hemisphere. Well, that's even better. If you must buy two frags, those are good choices.

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    Default Re: Which combination of these fragances?

    Wow, you guys are so kind! Thank you all for the nice reception!

    Based on what you said, I think I'll go with the Visit and Polo Black/L'Eau par combination. I'm more inclined to get L'Eau par instead of Polo Black because of the reviews and because I'm a 23 yo biologist. Probably, fresh/aquatic notes will fit better with my personality for daily use.

    Thanks again!

    Best regards,


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    Default Re: Which combination of these fragances?

    Welcome Gustavo!

    Hopefully I`m not too late for the possible input...Anyway, I would definitely go with Visit and 212!! Definitely!!

    Visit is great woody-spicy scent with stunning lasting power. Works especially well at colder temps.

    212 is to me very original and appealing blend. Airy, transparent musks and beautiful flowers, with sandalwood, insence and freshly cut grass. Great bottle too! (this is a pure summer/spring scent in my opinion.)

    So, one for the cold, one for the hot temps...(although I know well that it isn`t never too cold in Brazil)

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    Default Re: Which combination of these fragances?

    Welcome aboard Gustavo!
    Since in Brazil climate tend to be very humid and warm I'd tend toward the light side without lacking originality.
    So My advice is L'eau par Kenzo for daywear and 212 for nightwear (flowers+incense combo in it seems to perfectly fit the exotic aura of brazilian nights).

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    Default Re: Which combination of these fragances?

    Thanks again for the help guys!

    I got L'Eau par Kenzo, Azzaro Visit (30 ml) and Allure sport. The last one wasn't in the list but was highly recommend by a friend so I gave it a try.

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