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    Default Welcome All New Members

    Hey all! I was asked to be the new moderator for this new board. My name is Russell and I am here to help anyone who needs help. I will do whatever I can to make the start of your fragrance quest more insightful and as simple as I can make it.

    This board is for new members who want to ask the more experienced members for advice, and discuss fragrance with members at a similar level.

    I would suggest to the more experienced members to keep their posts in the appropriate boards.

    More information about this board can be found here:

    I like to be fair and I am almost always on. Feel free to PM me with any questions and have fun posting!! This is a very general discussion for both males and females. You all will recieve a great amount of knowledge here.

    Here is a basic set of rules for the boards. Follow these and you'll never have to deal with me.
    Thanks all,

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    Default Re: New Moderator

    Congrats Russ!

    Currently wearing: 1881 Signature by Cerruti

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    Default Re: New Moderator

    Oh, finally someone who can really help me!
    Please Moderator I'm new here and desperately looking for a cologne that chicks really dig in...
    I don't only want to smell pretty or hearing 'em just saying "oh, ya smell damn good"...
    Please help me! I want so badly something that chicks would smell and lick my boots!!!

    Jokes aside, congrats Russell, I'm sure ya'll take good care of newbies!

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