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    Default Looking for a style evaluation and suggestions.

    Hello everybody, Very good site I just ran across it a few days ago….So im the newbie and looking for some professional advice, suggestions and a evaluation of my style based on my list below, im now getting back into fragrances im not familiar with all the ‘proper’ terminology, I can just tell you what I think, Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Stuff I Love: #1 all time - Calvin Klein Escape for men.- I have about 10 bottles!!!- im crazy I know

    Truefitt & Hill- West Indian Limes
    Candies Men - Candies
    Wings- Giorgio Beverly Hills
    Goodlife –Davidoff

    On the Fence Fragrances:
    Leaning to the yes side:
    Lucky for Men - Lucky
    California for Men- Max Factor (I like it but it just smells cheap \-: )
    Acqua di Gio - Armani
    Happy - Clinique

    Smack in the middle:
    Cool Water – Davidoff
    Unforgivable – Sean John

    Leaning to the no side:
    Issey Miyake – Issey Miyake
    One – Calvin Klein
    Curve – Calvin Klein

    Stuff I don’t like:
    Grey Flannel – Gives me a headache
    Chrome – Gives me a headache
    Fahrenheit – Smells like a forest
    Eternity – Too spicy
    Obsession – This one seems strange to me for some reason, like trying to hard??
    Drakkar – Smells like my friends dad
    Joop – Wife loves it, I can’t stand it
    D&G pour homme – Doesn’t do anything for me…To strong
    Angel – T.M. – Don’t know what to say, I don’t like the female version either, wife does
    CK BE – Also don’t know what to say
    Polo – RL too ‘classic’
    Hugo Boss – Smells cheap
    Polo Crest – RL – Smells like Yuppies (people trying to make you think their rich \-: )
    Paco Rabanne pour homme – No comment
    Royal Copenhagen – Less than no comment

    Finally Stuff I don’t know what to think about:
    Be Delicious – DKNY
    Safari – RL

    As you can see my list isn’t very lengthy. Again any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Looking for a style evaluation and suggestions

    Hi, welcome to Basenotes!

    It seems everything you like is fresh and clean. Maybe you should look into Oriental genre? Something with some spice.

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    Default Re: Looking for a style evaluation and suggestions

    Welcome to Basenotes, Lloyd!

    Have you tried Oscar for men (by oscar dela renta)? It might be up your alley, but test it first. Something you might like is Geir (by Geir Ness). It gets rave reviews, and it's not cloying like D&G (it also doesn't have that lemon note). Geir is good stuff.

    If you like Good Life, you might want to try Marc Jacobs for men. It shares the fig leaf note, and it's good for casual summer wear.

    I hope this helps you out a little. Tell us what you end up buying!

    Nihil Obstat Ben

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    Default Re: Looking for a style evaluation and suggestions

    I never tried Oscar, Thanks for the suggestions, I will pick up your recommendations greyhue, I am also interested in some of the Creed lines or Clive Christian, do you suggest any of the two?

    Also if anybody here is in Japan, do you know any good places to shop, in/around Yokohama/Tokyo.

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    Default Re: Looking for a style evaluation and suggestions

    All of the Creeds are good. It's a matter of finding the ones that suit your taste. You've got Bois du Portugal, which is well-mixed woods- that's a favorite here on Basenotes. I'm not sure how you feel about woods. On the other end of the spectrum is Green Irish Tweed, which (to me) is like a better version of Cool Water. Very fresh and green, as the name implies. In between there is Millesime Imperial, which is sort of citrusry/ambergrisy, and very good. It has been closely ripped off by Unforgivable; If you can find some Unforgivable, you'll know what MI smells like. I haven't smelled Erolfa or Silver Mountain Water, so I can't help you there. You should check the Basenotes directory and read the reviews there. There are tons more Creeds that I am not mentioning. If you've never used a strong leather-based frag, you might be pleasantly surprised by some of Creed's offerings- again, check out the Directory for notes and reviews.

    Creeds are pretty expensive, so SAMPLE! A good place to get samples is They have several other 'luxe' brands that are worth sampling, such as Montale and Boucheron. Take a look around and get samples of whatever sounds good.

    I'm unfamiliar with the Clive Christian line, so I can't really help you there. I'm sure there are reviews in the Directory.

    Have fun!
    Nihil Obstat Ben

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    Default Re: Looking for a style evaluation and suggestions

    Nothing wrong with Escape!

    That was my first frag. 10 bottles is a bit extreme, I have to say, but we all have our moments. I've traded and bought back the same frag three different times (Nobile, Monsieur de Givenchy, and Magnetism.)

    You might consider something like:
    Monsieur de Givenchy
    Green Water
    Dune for Men

    Good Life is pretty good... I just got it actually. There is a persistent leafy note which would work well during the summer. If you can get your hands on L'Uomo Trussardi (not Trussardi Uomo), that has a leaf note in it as well, but I recall it being Tomato Leaf.

    You might also like Miracle Homme. You might have to look at the women's Lancome counter at a department store, sometimes they keep it there, argh. It has a nice red bell pepper note which is practically aquatic in nature. It is pretty sophisticated, slightly sweet, and wearable in almost any situation.

    Glad to see you're keeping your frag count low.
    In rotation: Greenbriar (new), Silver Mountain Water, Dunhill for Men (1934), Acqua di Parma Colonia, Habit Rouge EDC, Ho Hang, B*Men, Agua Brava

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    Default Re: Looking for a style evaluation and suggestions

    Welcome to basenotes!! I am a little late with my welcome but we have so many other members who warmly welcomed you.

    I would be happy to see Cool Water leaning towards your "yes" side. It is a favorite of mine (the only bottle I've used up and bought a second of). You have good taste IMO (in my opinion). You really like the cleaner summer seasoned smells. That seems to be your style. You have good taste. I look forward to seeing your list in a couple of months. I'm sure there will be a drastic change.


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    Default Re: Looking for a style evaluation and suggestions

    Thanks guys, I will pick up all your suggestions, As recommended I read so much of the Directory, and its well put together and thoughout.

    As a interesting note I had a chance to smell a few today, and I ended up likeing Kenneth Cole Signture, but nobody in the reviews did.

    One I didn't see in the reviews is my wife old Tribe by Coty....That stuff makes my heart skip a beat (in a good way) Thanks for all your help and please send some more suggestions when you think of some.

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