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    Default Just starting out, help me pick a few frags

    I'm new to the frag world and so far my wardrobe consists of a 4.2 oz bottle of Cool Water (huge I know). I'm looking to buy 2-3 new scents but I don't have much of an idea of what I'm looking for. It's actually a moderate climate here in Minnesota (50-70F now, usually 70-90 in the summer) so I'd be looking primarily for warmer weather scents. I'm 19 and currently going to school, so I'd be looking for scents that fit well in a school/casual work environment. Cost isn't a huge issue.

    I've been looking through the forums for a bit and I've seen these ones pop up quite a bit so I was thinking about giving these a try first. Of course any suggestions not on the list would be more than welcome. Thanks a bunch.

    Green Irish Tweed
    Rive Gauche
    Millesime Imperial

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    Default Re: Just starting out, help me pick a few frags

    I'd suggest that you go to the Mall of America and check out the Perfumania store. *There are actually a few different stores in the Mall, Sephora, Bloomingdales, Macy's, Nordstrom, and two Perfumania's. *But Perfumania is where I'd start. *Looking over your list of fragrances, I'd try Chic For Men by Carolina Herrerra, Mania Pour Homme by Giorgio Armani, and Rochas Man, and then look over the rest of their collection. *You can find Rive Gauche, Geir, and Envy at different places around the Mall, but not Green Irish Tweed or Millesime Imperial. *After looking at Perfumania, check out the other stores.

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    Default Re: Just starting out, help me pick a few frags

    I'm sure you will get tons of suggestions, if you are looking for daytime casual, check out;

    Azzaro Chrome
    CK Eternity Summer for Men
    YSL Live Jazz
    Nautica Voyage

    These are fresher, soapier scents that smell great and are perfect for casual day wear.

    I just ordered Geir, so I'm not familiar with it, Gucci Envy is more of an evening scent to me, not really casual or daytime in my opinion. I don't own Rive Gauche but not sure its a good casual school type scent. Sean John Unforgiveable is supposed to smell alot like Millesime Imperial so you might want to give that a try if you can't find MI.

    Let us know what you go with.

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    Default Re: Just starting out, help me pick a few frags

    Welcome to the board, bud. I'm around your age (20 years old) and have been checking out the forum since 2002 (I was under a different pseudonym at that time), so maybe I can be some help to you. The first cologne I owned was CK One back in 8th grade (horrible stuff in my opinion), but my first "real" fragrance purchase was a couple years later with a bottle of Dolce & Gabbana Masculine. I can't recommend D&G Masculine enough if you're into citrusy fragrances.

    Then I started looking at Basenotes and I was drawn to my first niche purchase--Green Irish Tweed. It quickly became my favorite and most frequently complimented cologne. You can't go wrong with GIT.

    I've actually owned (or currently own) all of the fragrances you mentioned, and I'll say one thing... get samples of the fragrances or buy a small decant before you purchase an entire bottle because fragrances are often over-hyped. For instance, in my opinion Geir is extremely over-hyped.

    Geir: over-hyped floral fragrance, IMO
    Gucci Envy: my favorite oriental, it's great for evening wear. potent, masculine, woody, and spicy
    Millesime Imperial: the quintessential classy citrus frag, makes you smell like a million bucks
    Rive Gauche PH: sweet and woody, masculine, subtle yet proclaimed to be "the king of compliments"

    Also look into Chanel Platinum Egoiste, it is a green barber shop smelling fragrance. Definitely worth a test drive.


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    Default Re: Just starting out, help me pick a few frags

    Body Kouros! 8-) And if you feel adventurous, you could try a "women's" fragrance like D&G Light Blue

    If you are not too daring, Polo Blue is a nice fragrance to begin with. Unoffensive, fresh, goes well with hot weather and it's easy to find. Drawback is that it is TOO EASY to find. That means, that you won't be likely to stand out from the rest.

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    Default Re: Just starting out, help me pick a few frags

    Maybe you should look for these:
    - Azzaro Chrome
    - Davidoff Echo
    - Versace Metal Jeans
    - CK Crave
    - Versace Jeans Couture

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    Default Re: Just starting out, help me pick a few frags

    Hey guys thanks a bunch for all the suggestions. Still open for suggestions until I head to the mall on Thursday.

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    Default Re: Just starting out, help me pick a few frags

    Lots of good suggestions you certainly should try as many as possible. I think one can go wrong with GIT--it's not an absolute given even though most people seem to love it.

    Millesime Imperial is fantastic and if price is no object, be sure to give it a good test.

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