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Thread: and now chypre?

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    Default and now chypre?

    so Basenotes' panel of experts has provided great outlines about what an "oriental" is and what a "fougere" is, so now what's a "chypre"?

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    Classically, to be a chypre a perfume has to have bergamot in the topnotes and oakmoss in the base. Together with labdanum these two essences galvanize to the classic chypre accord. The first one was Chypre de Coty from 1917. Another early and famous one is Mitsouko by Guerlain from 1919 that differs from it's predecessor mainly by the addition of a synthetic peach note.

    Some masculine Chypres are Chanel's Antaeus and Shiseido Basala. Basically it's the dry, mossy base that makes a perfume a chypre. They are often strong and smell somehow professional and business-like. The softer side of the masculine chypres can be experienced in Chanel Pour Monsieur.

    I must confess I sometimes have a troubles distinguishing chypres and fougéres in men's fragrances.

    For some excellent infprmation on Chypres, visit Helg's site at: Go to info on perfume terms and scroll down to the test highlighted in green.

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    Thanks for this description. I was just musing today about how many times I've read conflicting information regarding chypres. I've read several times that chypres are based on the rose-pathchouli accord, and that always troubled me.
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    I would like to say thank you to Concord. That website has taught me a great deal. I just read everything on that page and I consider myself more knowledgable than ever. Thanks for the great link. I finally get so many things that were no so clear to me...


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