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    Default evening vs. daytime scents

    hi i'm new here, and while i'm absolutely addicted to perfume stores and purchasing perfumes i'm not someone who knows a lot of "technical stuff" about the perfume world. so i'm wondering, what makes a good evening vs. daytime scent? (sorry if this has been posted somewhere before)

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    Default Re: evening vs. daytime scents

    There isn't much at all. There really in no specific distinction between what is for the day time and what is for the evening. There is just your personal preference...

    I would that that generally day scents are lighter because it is warmer. In summer heat you would wear something like D&G Light Blue because it is so crisp but light. I think you might wear something like Armani She or Brit at night. It has a heavier quality to it that would make it less comfortable in the daytime. I'm not really good with know which womens scents are good for what conditions...

    I just think that for the summer you would want to wear a light scent, possibly floral or citrus based and in the evenings something with a little more class and depth to it. That is the generalization I usually see...

    Don't forget though, there is not defined way to label fragrances as day or night time smells. Just go with what you like...


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    Default Re: evening vs. daytime scents

    thanks for the advice. i tried both gucci envy me 2 and the new burberry london yesterday which i like and i can't decide which i like better for everyday. the gucci one is much lighter but it doesn't seem to last very long which is unfortunate, and the burberry is beautiful but i'm not sure that it's "me". :-/

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    Default Re: evening vs. daytime scents

    Wear what you want when you want to. I don't give a damn, that's my motto.

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    Default Re: evening vs. daytime scents

    Pffft. I don't pay any attention to that stuff. It's just marketing, doesn't mean a thing, IMHO.

    With women's fragrances, there's another catagory, too, "romantic wear". I've always wondered just what the hell that's supposed to mean! LOL!

    Wear what you want, that's my motto!

    "Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other."
    -Karl, age 5

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