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    Default Information please

    To assist in my education on the finer points of fragrance discussion, can anyone please explain to me what these words mean (in terms of their usage in reviews describing of smells of colognes on this site):

    A) sillage
    B) dry-down (which I realise may appear to speak for itself, but please bear with me.)
    C) decant


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    Default Re: Information please

    Try reading the FAQ... That's what it's there for.

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    Default Re: Information please

    most of your queries are answered here:

    Dry-down is what you smell as the fragrance evolves to it's final scent. (I'm sure someone else can explain it better!)

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    Default Re: Information please

    Sillage is the french word for the wake a passing ship leaves behind it. As far as fragrances go, to me it means the trail of fragrance or wafting scent others can smell emanating from the skin. More is not always better. A fragrance with little sillage may be described as a skin scent, a personal scent. These may last a long time on the skin but pretty much only be appreciated inside twelve inches. They are appropriate for occasions when people are close together--movies, plays, classes, business meetings. Other fragrances are 'sillage monsters' and well known for turning heads--hopefully in a good way but you never know. They can leave your presence in a room when you are already in the next building! A fragrance like this might be chosen for an outdoor concert, or perhaps for clubbing in a smoky bar.

    These are my impressions of the topic, and I'm sure others will chime in!
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Default Re: Information please

    Sillage ~ how strong your scent is to others. When you walk by someone and then smell you, that is sillage.

    Dry down ~ because scents have top, middle (heart), and base notes there is a change in the way it smells over time. The dry down is essentially the basenotes. It is what the fragrance smells like for most of the time.

    Decants ~ creating smaller bottles for testing or traveling. You can "decant" your Gucci Envy into 10ml atomizers so that you don't have to bring the whole bottle on your trip or sell that little bit to someone without having to get rid of your whole bottle...


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