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    Default Filling the Gaps

    Hi, I'm new here to the community, been reading the Basenotes forums and reviews for a while and have just been waiting for the new forums to register. Glad that I am now a member. Anyways I've just recently become interested in fragrances and for the most part have just borrowed from friends when I want to smell nice going out. Now I think its time to start my own collection so what better place to look for advice than here.

    Currently I only have one bottle, Boss Bottled, which I am slightly relieved to read is a somewhat acceptable scent. I have been testing out new ones for a while, after reading on here, and have ordered Gucci Envy, Clinique Happy, and JPG Le Male. Obviously the last two are popular but I wanted to have Happy as a very safe, light scent and Le Male does not have anywhere near the popularity where I live compared to what I hear about in Europe. So my question is asking for suggestions that will 'fill the gaps' for a small but versatile collection. I'm guessing I'll buy another 4 fragrances in the very near future, so I'd love to hear suggestions that would help round out my wardrobe. Also, I'm 20 and a university student if that helps. Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to Basenotes Canuck! You'll quickly discover that this is a fabulous resource which can turn an interest into a very expensive hobby!

    I'm fairly new to this whole thing myself (6 months at owning/buying fragrances, 2 months at basenotes) and the best advice I think you'll get is to test, test, test! There are so many frags out there - try 'em all! What's more, many basenotes members will be only too happy to provide you with decants and samples at excellent prices.

    As for my choices, I started with:

    Cool Water, Aramis (an oldie but a goodie),and some Calvin Klein standards and I have since moved onto Vetiver by Guerlain, Mugler Cologne & Armani Eau pour Homme.

    I'm trying as many as I can, as often as I can, and lovin' every minute of it!

    Again, welcome and good luck!

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    I'm 18, a uni student from next year, and also new to all this. I would say that you have a very good basis to work from; to 'fill the gaps' as it were, you need to get out, test, and trust your nose. Fragrances are a very personal matter. Don't only go by the thoughts of Basenoters, but if it sounds interesting then try it out. You'll probably end up with a fair bit more than the 4 you've highlighted!

    To give an idea of my collection, see here

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    a few "safe choices" that might click for you:
    Chrome (Azzaro)
    Emporio Armani He (Armani)
    Bulgari pour homme (Bulgari)
    Mugler Cologne (Thierry Mugler)
    Allure Sport (Chanel)
    Eau de Paco Rabanne (Paco Rabanne)
    but the best is to go try and find what you like.
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    Thanks for the advice, its much appreciated. Just in case there was any discrepancy, those four scents I bought had been tested multiple times by myself. I just selected those to test from what I've read on here. So I looked at the scents that whiskeymill noted and I liked Mugler Cologne in particular. An easy-going scent I guess I would say, and fitting for my lifestyle. I'm almost certain I will purchase it. While sampling the CK section I found that CK BE was my favorite. It is also in lessthanthree's wardrobe which is reassuring. So I think I'll be purchasing those two, hopefully they will still appeal to me in two months as much as they do right now.

    Just saw the post by Belial, I'm definately sold on the Mugler Cologne now after a second mention and I will also look into those other fragrances you listed.
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    Welcome to basenotes Canuck!! Obviously Canadian...

    So, about Boss Bottled (Also called Boss #6)... it is acceptable if you like it. Don't worry about what we say here. It happens to be good to a lot of people and I ceratinly went through a whole bottle of it but if you like it then you can wear it.

    The 3 that you ordered are all great ones. They are all 'safe' IMO because they are really simple and nice scents. Good choices.

    Some others I would deffinately go out and try are: 212, Lacoste pour Homme, Terre d'Hermes, Mugler Cologne, John Varvatos, and Live Jazz.

    Those are a few that I think would work for you to start off with. Test them first. Buying blind, because we say they are good, is not always the best way to go. I would suggest testing out as many as you possibly can and more than once. You don't want to buy things, as a student, that you end up not liking on a whim. So, test as much as you can and use your judgement to really narrow down to what you like and don't like. There is no need to rush into buying more and more...

    Good luck on your hunt.

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    Thanks for the suggestions Envyus, it really seems that Mugler Cologne is a big favorite for people looking to start their journeys in the fragrance world. Also, I say that Boss No.6 is an "acceptable" scent just because of the bashing that many of the other Hugo Boss scents receive (many I believe are exaggerated). Anyways, I love that scent and it'll always have a place in my collection.

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    Default Re: Filling the Gaps

    Tried Lacoste Pour Homme, Allure Sport, and Chrome. Must say I like Lacoste the most of those three. I'm not sure why but I really don't like Chrome, at first I thought I would love it but then the more I smelt it the more "empty?" it seemed to me. Don't know how to describe the feeling I had, maybe too safe. It smelled good but wasn't interesting enough I guess. Allure was good but not really what I was looking for or maybe was I just too in love with Lacoste to really appreciate the other two scents. Either way Lacoste is now on my "to get" list. Thanks Envyus for the suggestion.

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    Default Re: Filling the Gaps

    Give Hermes Equipage a try if you get the chance. It's quite versatile and good.
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    Default Re: Filling the Gaps

    Liking Lacoste PH makes sense if you are a Boss Bottled fan... there is a certain kinship there. Also look into Burberry London if you dig things in that vein. I'd also recommend Baldessarini to you.

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    Default Re: Filling the Gaps

    Thanks docluv45 and Joel_Cairo for the suggestions, will try to test those three today. I think I might end up getting more than I had originally intended, at least my collection will be that much more diverse.

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