Hi everyone,
You might have not noticed because Basenotes moved but I was away on holiday for the last 10 days. Had a great vacation in Greece on the islands of Mykonos and Santorini. Mykonos was full of bohemian jet-set wearing colorful Missoni bikinis, caftans, golden sandals and Nicole Richie-like sunglasses. So I made the right choice when I decided to bring my Reminessence Patchouli with me. I had also stocked on Cinnabar for next winter at Brussels airport duty free.

There was a duty free on the ferry between the 2 islands, there I bought the new Cool Water Game for men witch I will review on the male board. So that's what I wore in Santorini.

On the way back home the plain made transit in Creta witch had a great duty free. I bought 2 fragrances that are not well distributed here in Belgium.
- Aquasun by Lancaster: I think it was created last year by Francis Kurdjian. Aquasun reminds of Gaultier˛, yet it isn't as linear. It has a very sharp mandarin start, the heart is warmer yet floral with jasmine and heliotrope. It's really the basenotes that come straight out of Gaultier˛: vanilla, amber and musk. Though I'm not a big fan of the Gaultier I really like Aquasun, it's good modern oriental for summer.
BTW: Lancaster makes probably the best sun-care products around. I used them this vacation and the textures are fantastic.
- Jil Sander Sun: this is a fragrance that always intrigued me. Sun is a summer classic in Germany where it's a bestseller since 1989. It's a white floral (lily of the valley, jasmine and orange flower) with a lot of amber. I find it rather too warm for a summer fragrance. Yet compared to other German fragrances launched around the same time like for example Joop!, Chopard's Cashmir and Jil Sander n°4; Sun is indeed a bit lighter. The funny thing is that Sun is warm yet clean.

10 days, 4 new fragrances... not bad.