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Thread: coeur d'ete

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    Has anyone tried this fragrance yet? The notes sound so delicious, but I've never had much success with MH fragrances personally. I'd love to hear what anybody thinks!

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    I have a sample and it's VERY sheer and I don't really pick up any chocolate,sandlewood or vanilla. On my skin it smells almost like the Live by J.Lo paper strip in my magazine. It is so barely there, it's ridiculous. I've had it on for 5 minutes and it's almost completely gone. I think it would smell better on mr.tinker, it's not a very feminine scent, what scent IS there.

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    I tested this one out as a possible gift for my mother. I really liked it - it was lighter than most, but I could definitely smell the cocoa, and of course floral notes (I'm not much good for picking apart the florals!). Ultimately I went with Coeur de Fleur because I wasn't sure my mom would like the cocoa. Though I personally liked this one better.

    The thing is, for whatever reason, Miller Harris frags all seem to turn sour on my skin. Something in the base just doesn't work for me.

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    Poor Annick! Two completely different responses to the scent in question. I'm not familiar with most of the MH line, though I do like the bottles.

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    I found it a little soapy.
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