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    Default Historical Reference Books

    I'm new here and would like to a bit of historical research on the origins of perfumery / famous perfumers. Can anyone recommend some good books to read?

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    I have none but I would like to say WELCOME!!

    Look at a library for some books. I'm sure perfumery came from some sort of alchemy or something. There are probably tons of them. Happy hunting!


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    Hello and welcome! Here are some nice books to start with:

    [largely available:]

    Elizabeth Barillé, Cathérine Laroze
    The Book of Perfume
    transl: Tamara Blondel
    Paris: Flammarion (1995)

    [look for second hand copies:]

    Edwin T. Morris
    Scents of Time: Perfume from Ancient Egypt to the 21st Century
    New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Bulfinch Press (1999)

    Roy Genders
    Perfume through the Ages
    New York: Putnam Pub Group (1972)

    William Irving Kaufman
    New York: E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc. (1974)

    If you read French, there's a truckload of other titles I can recommend.

    You can find many more books (and other stuff) on my website:

    Another excellent reference site (especially for French titles) is


    ps: I don't sell books, and my site has no commercial purposes.
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