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    Default Have You Guys Ever Heard of These?

    I got an email from and went to their "bargain basement" section, which is really nothing more than a list of every male fragrance they sell....I finally called it a night after brousing through 75 pages...but I ran across a few that intrigued me. Many are not listed in the Directory, and those that are have few, if any comments.

    Here they are:

    1) Derrick Black by Orlane

    2) Cafe Cafe Puro

    3) Ghost by Scannon

    4) Animale Azul

    5) Touch by Fred Hayman

    6) Taxi by Cofinluxe

    7) Yujin by Yujn (beautiful purple bottle...I'm a sucker for cool bottles!

    8) Jacques Fath by Jacques Fath (maker of Yang)

    I glommed on to these because I had never heard of any of them, except Touch, and they were all pretty inexpensive, perhaps deservedly so!

    My tastes are pretty broad, but I'm not particularly fond of light citruses, or any cologne without decent longetivity.

    Any opinions on these basement dwellers would be greatly appreciated!

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    I've heard good things about ghost and it seems to get decent reviews in the directory. I've been meaning to pick up a bottle since it does come at such a bargain price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExileonMainStreet

    2) Cafe Cafe Puro

    6) Taxi by Cofinluxe

    I've tried both of these and they're actually pretty decent. Certainly not the discovery of the century but, considering the really low price, I don't think you will be fooled.

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    Default Re: Have You Guys Ever Heard of These?

    "Cofinluxe" sounds a bit funny!


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