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Thread: Hi Basenotes!

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    Default Hi Basenotes!

    I wanted to introduce myself. I did not know whether to do it here or in the starting out section. I have lurked for a while and decided to join today when I noticed the new forum! It looks great! I have always found the directory to be helpful and the characters here colorful!

    I am not sure how much I have to offer or how frequent I will post but, I have several fragrances in my collection. Here is a little info about me:

    Favorite House: oohhh, tie between Hermes and commes des garcons

    Favortie fragrance: My new terre d'hermes is climbing the charts but cdg 2 is always comforting.

    Favorite citrus: it use to be citrus biggarade by creed but I found it very fleeting and now, I love eau d'orange vert

    favorite woods: so many, cartier declaration, gucci pour homme, even aramis. I also love avignon and kyoto of the cdg inscense line

    fav floral/leather: probably jazz. I don't have much other experience in this genre.

    Fav gourmand: I can't decide between a*men, dior homme or lolita. All great scents

    Fav smells: COFFEE BABY!

    Well, did I leave something out? I am not that savey with computers so, I might play around a bit and check out these cool controls!


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    It is nice to see the new site attracting more people. Hopefuly we continue to grow. It is nice to see members join after lurking so they know what it is all about.

    As you know you will learn so much here so I say choose your questions wisely and have as much fun as you can!


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    Welcome! Your first post betrays a certain level of sophistication, so I'm sure you'll have a lot to contribute... Don't be shy about posting; my expereince has been that the more I interact with others on the board, the more I learn.

    Happy posting!
    Yr good bud,


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    Welcome to basenotes.

    You're starting out strong with your collection.

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