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    Exclamation Hesperidic, Earthy...WHAT ELSE???

    I received my bottle of Terre d'Hermes, notwithstanding that this was a blind buy (I know, I know, but the price of this 100 ml bottle was irresistible!), I was elated that this was NOT exactly another transparent creation by Hermes. Although it is fresh, there were qualities that stood itself apart from predictability:

    - Yes, there's that flint note,
    - It's citrus aspects are longer lasting, a la Merveilles,
    - Is there a peppery note in there?
    - For the younger 20-something, it doesn't really seem the targeted market. I smell this as for someone older with a little more acuted refinement in a classic composition, like Caron Pour Un Homme, without the vanillic and lavender notes.
    - Yes, it's longlasting for a hesperidic scent, but
    - (Almost very) Earthy on the drydown, minus the citrus that's still there in its whole composition, it actually holds fast with a cumin-like note reminiscent to Tauer's Desert au Maroccain.

    The scent exudes a remarkable texture, grounding a masculinity about it, but the notes remain rather neutral without a spark note I was expecting to tie the whole composition together, the "vegetal notes" are dispared with the earthy notes.

    I almost broke the cap that actually swiveled up and down around the spray nozzle. I call it luck that I didn't break it trying to pry the top straight up! Rather cool bottle, though.

    After an initial wearing, I was a bit irritated at it's bitter aspects, everything else I smelled around this scent made it smell stale, sulphuric and bitter. I've never had this experience with any frag I've worn. Hope to understand more aspects soon, there's a "LOVE-HATE" thing going on with Td'H right now with me.
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