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    Default Decided to venture into CdG

    I decided to give the "anti-perfumes" a try....purchased Odeur 53 and 71...sound intriguing...any comments or takers for this thread? All comments welcome.

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    Default Re: Decided to venture into CdG

    28 views and no one has anything to offer? Hard to believe...

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    Default Re: Decided to venture into CdG

    Well, I'm a big CdG fan in general, and love Odeur 53 in particular. There is something strangely comforting about it for me. One of the reviews mentions the "sewing machine oil" note, which sounds bizzare, but I actually find really nice and soothing - sort of the home version of the tar note in A*Men. The whole fragrance is totally abstract, and therefore difficult to describe. I find it a nice office wear fragrance that I have received many comments on (some of them compliments, some not).
    The thing about Comme des Garcons that I find intriguing is how vivid the notes usually are. The fragrances don't always succeed, but the combinations of notes is always intriguing. Odeur 53 intrigues for almost opposite reasons, as I have tried for years to figue out what it reminds me of...

    Good luck,

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    Default Re: Decided to venture into CdG

    congratulations,very bold move. you have set urself aside from the pack.
    i cant do without them. i am wearing jaisalmer right now on a warm summer morning.

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    Default Re: Decided to venture into CdG

    Let mer get back to you on this one. I'm on my way down to the harbour for two bottles of wine, sushi and greek sallad right now! 8-)

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    Talking Re: Decided to venture into CdG

    Comme des Garcons. One of my favorite houses. I got about 24 different samples from Parallax on eBay before he left us. Now you might try for samples and bottles.

    Odeur 71 is one of my favorites from any house.

    Also try:

    Red : Palisander
    Red : Sequoia
    2 Man
    Cologne : Citrico
    Cologne : Vettiveru
    Sweet : Nomad Tea

    And the entire line of Incense. All of them are masterpieces. I could live without Kyoto (everyone's fave) and Zagorsk, but they're all great and justify CdG alone.

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    Default Re: Decided to venture into CdG

    CdG scents are rarely on sale but here's a link you might find interesting:

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