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    Default Question about scented aftershaves....

    I got a Reaction gift set today. I was casually reading the ingredients of both the cologne and the aftershave and I noticed they're EXACTLY THE SAME!!! What's the difference? My assumption was that the aftershave would just be a weaker version of the cologne & I'd be able to wear it as fragrance, but I didn't think the ingredients would be THAT similar. Of course I'm not that knowledgeable about aftershaves and how they work...but it kinda sounds akin to spraying fragrance on your face after reading that they have the same ingredients, lol. Anyone care to enlighten me?

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    Default Re: Question about scented aftershaves....

    Yeah, aftershaves used to be a product that you slap on your beard area after shaving for sanitary reasons, but skin care has for the most part evolved to a scented balm these days to take care of more issues with shaving.

    Aftershave denotes these days even a weaker version of the scent, has even more alcohol, or act as a scent refresher in the latter part of the day so you don't smell too overpowering in the afternoon. Sometimes there's certain notes that are taken away with an aftershave, generally to emphasize on the more fresher aspects, so it layers better with your EdT, shower gel, etc., etc.

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