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    Default What's the best from Avon??

    My girlfriend lately has acquired quite an addiction to scents much the same as I have......thanks to Basenotes. We have also discovered that you can get some pretty good scents from Avon without breaking the bank. Currently she has Far Away, Rare Gold, and Rare Pearls but was interested in what else they may have that would be nice for her. She's 21 and really likes the clean and fresh fragrances since it's summer but doesn't want to rule anything else out.

    Her favorites scents are:
    Calvin Klein Truth
    Ralph Lauren Blue
    Christian Dior Pure Poison
    Burberry (original)
    Burberry London (new)
    Chanel Coco Mdmlle
    D&G Light Blue
    JLo's Live
    Miss Dior Cherie

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    Default Re: What's the best from Avon??

    From the old Avons, I know and like Soie Rouge that has sadly been discontinued, and which, in my opinion, was the foremother of Agent Provocateur, if such things exist . From the newer selection, i think your GF might try and like Today -- a delightful floral scent on a warm woody base.
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    Default Re: What's the best from Avon??

    I agree with Twolf on the fragrance "Today." It starts off a little brash but mellows very quickly into a sweet white floral. The longevity is fantastic. I also have "Tomorrow," which is a soft oriental and more subtle than Today. For a flower fragrance with just a teensy bit of chocolate flair, you might try "Extraordinary." I love all three and have to say, they put many of the high end boutique perfumes to shame. I got Today and Tomorrow off Ebay for a total of around $30, including shipping. I bought Extraordinary direct from Avon when they were running a special. But, even at full price, which won't put a dent in your lifestyle, they are worth every penny.


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    Default Re: What's the best from Avon??

    Fantasque is a classic,floral and woody.
    Occur going since 1960's interesting fragrance.

    Sorry not much interest in the newer Avons. But I used to wear Far Away and was always asked if I was wearing JPG Classic?
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    Default Re: What's the best from Avon??

    I really like Extraordinary with its floral and chocolate notes.

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    Default Re: What's the best from Avon??

    I don't even know if they still make it, but Sweet Honesty will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the very first frag I ever owned when I was in 7th grade. It's a VERY soft, sweet, & powdery frag.

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    Default Re: What's the best from Avon??

    I like Odyssey, which is unlike anything else I've ever smelled. Also Sweet Honesty, which is a fairly typical green-powery-floral 70's-80's scent, but still beautiful, and Soft Musk original, which is the most feminine musk fragrance I've encountered so far.

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    Default Re: What's the best from Avon??

    The ones I remember dates back in the 70's. The Avon fragrances I can think of are:

    1.) Charisma

    2.) Unforgettable

    3.) Here's My Heart

    Do they still make them?
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    Smile Re: What's the best from Avon??

    I like Timeless a lot. From what I remember I also like Rare Gold, Odyssey. I haven't smelled an Avon scent in years. I heard of a new one, called Exotic Beaches, that I'd like to try. It sounds like it's clean and fresh and beachy and it's under $10.00!

    Your girlfriend may enjoy trying Yves Rocher fragrances as well. They're Avon prices (even less in some cases) but quite good quality. I really enjoy Cocoon and Comme Une Evidence. They have some "fresh" ones but I haven't yet tried them.

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