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    Default Emporio Armani Night

    Emporio Armani Night...I picked up an unboxed, probably returned, spray at TJ Maxx for $10 (for 1 OZ). Very nice...and it smells a great deal like Rochas Man. I like this a lot.

    I also got a 1.7 of Mont Blanc Starwalker for $19.99. It's OK.
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    Default Re: Emporio Armani Night

    On me, the violet takes precedence slightly over the smoke and fruits, tempering the grapefruit, and a lingering presence over the myrrh and light-woods base notes. Definitely smooth on my skin, and not sharp or cloying that as others find it. Like most of the EAs, it seems to have that airy, almost dirt-like, accord. In a reticent, confident way, I find it quite sexual in nature. Indeed, Night He is a light oriental I would (and do) wear over Brit, Le Male etc when looking for a warm, yet light, evening scent.

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    Default Re: Emporio Armani Night

    I also happened to notice in the reviews that I'm not the only one who sees the similarity with Rochas Man!
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    Default Re: Emporio Armani Night

    I do not like this one as well as the original HE or the White HE. I also found that Mania is not a shabby fragrance either but is the subordinate of Cartier Declaration. I dig the Mont Blanc Starwalker pretty well! For the money, it is a very nice scent.

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    Default Re: Emporio Armani Night

    I like the EA frags but they are relatively expensive(compared to other designer frags), have little sillage and do not last. I can't justify owning them for these reasons.

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    Default Re: Emporio Armani Night

    I personally love the EA fragrances. He and White and especially Night are all in constant rotation throughout the year. Although i have noticed that i use Night more during the winter months.

    The new one CIty Glam is also not bad, but probably my least favorite of them all.

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    Default Re: Emporio Armani Night

    I have yet to see city glam hit the counters at dillards and macys where mass market stuff seem to go.

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    Default Re: Emporio Armani Night

    Here are two scents that I find quite similar to Emporio Armani Night He:

    • John Varvatos
    • Nemo

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    Default Re: Emporio Armani Night

    huge fan of emporio night here...i love it and think it's the best of the line, it's sexy on me as well, i love its darkness and the light sweetness of it..

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    Wink Re: Emporio Armani Night

    I'm a huge fan of Emporio Night! The best part about it is that I would chance that maybe 20 people max. in my entire area even own a bottle since it has been pulled from every perfume/dept. store around. While I haven't outright received any compliments from it, I wear this confidently simply because I can't imagine someone not enjoying this. I wish I could experience that first whiff again that I treat strangers to everywhere I go . The only problem is finding the right physical wardrobe to accompany it, because I feel the scent has a lot of suave class that should be lived up to if I want to pull it off correctly.

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    Default Re: Emporio Armani Night

    This is a very nice scent and one that I'm glad that I have. I am also a fan of Emporio He....but like this much better.
    I picked up a shower gel of Emporio fact I purchased 2. Great find!!!!!!

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