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    Default Oak Moss (

    I remember there were some threads about products from this company in Italy.

    First of all, I still have not figured out what the proper name of this company is. On their web, it says, which obviously corresponds to their web address. But I just wonder if it's also the company name? I have no idea...

    The only one that caught my eyes was Oak Moss. This is the description of Oak Moss on the web.

    "Oak Moss is the ideal scent for interpersonal exchanges, either informal in your spare time or professional for your work. This perfume, actually, allows you to propose your personality in a sensual way but without being provoking. The delicately woody aroma of the sandalwood, and the almost human note of the Oak Moss, make it at the same time intriguing and reassuring - in one word charming. Although the composition of Oak Moss is a classical one (Vetyver, Sandalwood, Oak Moss), its perfume stands out for its refined sobriety and although it is a perfume for men (Tarzan) it is most loved by the women who like masculine fragrances, who will wear it for a specific goal: to impress the people around them, wearing an aura of woody notes that emanate the quiet strength and stability of the great trees. Oak Moss is a perfume that can be used profitably at work as it will give you a psychological advantage on your interlocutors. Put on the back of your hands, it will spread all around you in fragrant waves, thus reviving the technique of the 'perfumed glove' of the French court. Oak Moss can be easily customized by adding some drops of patchouli, vanilla, incense, tuberose, or of the preferred fragrance. 'Oak Moss' contains one of the new scents of the classical perfumery: the vetyver acetate, obtained from the chemical transformation of the natural vetyver. This is my only concession to the modern perfumery and makes 'Oak Moss' an 'olfactory bridge' between the perfumes of yesterday and the future ones, exclusively natural and holistic."

    I purchased a 16ml spray bottle of Oak Moss. Though it was an international order (since I live in US), the package came pretty fast (much more quickly thant I had expected).

    I usually try to guess what it may smell like before I try it. Well, based on the description, it should smell sandalwoody and mossy, right? Earthy, dry, resinous, baslamic, creamy, transparent, woody, and again, mossy......various adjectives started to fly around on my mind. A perfume for Tarzen? (as opposed to a "cologne" for Tarzan) Maybe, some animalic note like musk or amber? ......

    Finally, I sprayed several times on my wrists...... Two fragrance names came up on my mind instantly. Very strong, thick and masculine oakmoss note (slightly leathery?) reminded me of Polo (RL). and much more apparently than that, you can find the same super-dry vetiver note of Vetiver Extraordinaire (FM). Great. Now, where is sandalwood? As you know, I'm a sandalwood-freak. If I cannot find sandalwood, I'm in trouble. Well, I guess I have to say I am. I'm sure it should be buried somewhere in this "Tarzan perfume", but it is not obvious to my nose.

    It's a pleasant masculine vetiver-oakmoss fragrance, but I'm not sure if it can be "an olfactory bridge between the perfumes of yesterday and the future ones".


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    Default Re: Oak Moss (

    Very enjoyable review. ;D
    Favourite (Winter) Crazy Combos

    Tabu + Orange Blossom * Hermes Rouge + Bellodgia* Voleur du Roses+ Rose Ispahan * Rasa Extreme + Paris * Wood Coffee + Cafe Noir *

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    Default Re: Oak Moss (

    Very good review indeed.

    Two thoughts:

    1. *Someone should alert Jeff H. of this scent for his 'Vetiver Redux' thread !

    2. You could order their (don't laugh) "Pheromone for Men. " Iingredients being ambergris, castoreum and---drum roll, *please--- OAKMOSS AND SANDALWOOD.


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    Default Re: Oak Moss (

    As I bought Ambergris and Castoreum from that site, bought Mysore Sandalwood oil in Mysore, and purchase Oakmoss essence from Bulgaria - I`ll try to make Pheromone for men in my own vials.
    Thanks, Mario, for your tip!
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Oak Moss (

    Update: ME TARZAN!

    Couldn't resist, got *the Oak Moss sample from

    being much too lazy to convert dollars to Euros and too impatient to wait for delivery from Italy. *Good news: *This California company provides really good service. *Bad news: *They only carry part of the profumo line, *so if you want to find out if their 'Cuba Express' is as good as Aramis' Havana, go to the Italian Sufi directly.

    Also got Tabac, Tartar Leather, *Holy Water and Bazaar, *but that's another story.

    ( Now if only I could review Oak Moss by saying something more eloquent than "duh, well I liked it. &quot

    I'll give it a shot:
    I can see Vibrant Violet's comparisons to FM Vetiver Extraordinare. *For that matter, some noses might liken it more to *Etro's, *or *Annick Goutal's version. *No citrus, *dry and earthy. *No, *it does not 'burst forth from the bottle' like *Guerlian or RdV. *This is not a *knockout punch, though it might feel that way to those who are unused to arid frags. *I like Jacomo de Jacomo and have survived Y. Rocher's Nature Millenaire's dirt in a bottle, so this is light-middleweight.

    In fact, Tarzan takes a back seat to all the frags I've mentioned when it comes to sillage; and I think this is probably as good time as any to mention that after all this talk of vetiver, *Oak Moss' primary scent is--- wadda ya know---Oak Moss!

    V-V is right to lament the sandalwood note, *I couldn't smell it either. *If anything, there were hints of spices--hmm . . .could it be tobacco? *Nevertheless, as fond as I am of sandalwood myself, *I'm not sure that I'd want to smell it here. * This Muslim mystic's version of the Ape Man stands quite well on its own. *

    The suggestion towards the *end of the ad : "Oak Moss can be easily customized by adding some drops of patchouli, vanilla, incense, tuberose, or of the preferred fragrance. " *Should IMHO be carefully avoided (vanilla?), *unless the preferred fragrance is something like Pascal Morabito's OR Black----Tarzan's one weakness is lack of *longevity.

    But I nitpick. *To those who like to try exotic and well made frags that stand apart from the crowd, *get this one.



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    Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

    My Antaeus can beat up your Armani.

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    Default Re: Oak Moss (

    Last night i ordered the 3.5 ml perfume version of their Seawood fragrance.
    For $17 total, i figured what the heck.

    Has anyone tried this one? If so,whats it like?

    These fragrances sound amazing. I wish they carried Profumo's Ambergris oil, thats the one i really want to try.

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    Default Re: Oak Moss (

    I did try the Seawood; you can see in further detail my impressions on this, Oak Moss and Brut d'Elegance in a previous thread (by the way, I thought Oak Moss was VERY long-lasting, interesting, maybe a bit too close to Tarzan's body odor...). I loved Sea Wood, it's just all kinds of exotic woods, like sitting in a sawmill where the materials are rosewood etc. (only dry-smelling woods though, no sweet sandalwood as far as I can see).
    For a more "complete" fragrance you can try Brut d'Elegance, same woody base but with some strange, interesting floral notes added.

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    Default Re: Oak Moss (

    "V-V is right to lament the sandalwood note, *I couldn't smell it either. *If anything, there were hints of spices--hmm . . .could it be tobacco? *Nevertheless, as fond as I am of sandalwood myself, *I'm not sure that I'd want to smell it here. * This Muslim mystic's version of the Ape Man stands quite well on its own. *

    I assure you that there is quite a lot of Sandalwood in Oak moss, and it is even vintage Mysore sandalwood of 18 years ago.
    You do not smell it because of the Vetyveryle acetate. This is the only refined product I use and I use it only in this perfume. But it hits my delicate, natural loving nose, making it as if I had caught cold. The sandalwood in this composition has the function to temper the aggressivity of vetyveryle on the nose. In this composition, Sandalwood is not meant to be distinctly smelled.
    My only perfume in which Sandalwood is blended in such a way that it caracterises the fragrance is "Chilum": only 3 ingredients, Sandalwood, tobacco and ginger.
    A. S. Attar
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    Default Re: Oak Moss (

    Oak moss is one of the most allergy causing substances in perfumery.

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    Default Re: Oak Moss (

    I do not find this at all from my personal experience, I have used the sticky green absolute on the wrists without ever having any problem except staining effect.
    I never had any complain of allergy or skin irritation due to Oak moss, Night blossom and other fragrances I make with Oak moss.
    I am now working on a green Galbanum fragrance that contains 20% of Oak moss.
    The allergy problems to natural essences often come from "doctored" lots.
    Oak moss absolute is a solid paste and is rarely sold pure, most dealers add a solvent to make it easier to work with (and to maximise profits).

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    Default Re: Oak Moss (

    i contacted profumo a couple of days ago to inquire about samples. below is a copy of our correspondence. (i thought all of you basenoters would be interested to know their generosity!)

    Dear pas2iche,

    we do not have a retailer in your state but you can order small samples of our product from Linda in California at

    As for us we always add a sample or two to the parcels of our customers.

    If you order from us, please remind me that you are from Basenote, I shall make it more.

    This is valid for all members of Basenote.

    Best regards

    D. Dubrana

    La Via del Profumo
    Via Indipendenza, 538
    47854 Monte Colombo (Rn) Italy
    Tel. + 39 0541 86 30 13

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