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    Default Finjan reviewed on Legerdenez

    Hello Basenoters,

    Cait Shortell from Legerdenez has just published a review of my Turkish coffe perfume, Finjan, on her lovely blog, Legerdenez:

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    Default Re: Finjan reviewed on Legerdenez

    Ayala, that creation of yours sounds extremely tempting and delicious!

    And,on behalf of the whole male B`noters (I`m sure) I must say you`re quite a cutie, too.

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    Default Re: Finjan reviewed on Legerdenez

    Thank you, Toivo!

    You are most welcome to try my line anytime. My website has been just updated with some useful info about ordering, sampling and fragrance consultation.

    Obviously, I am blushing as I write to hear such a complement on behalf of all the wonderful-smelling guy-Basenoters... Thanks!

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