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    Default Clubbing; A*Men vs M7

    Hi, I am looking for a frag for clubbing and sort of came down to these 2. I really like both but unfortunately. My budget only allows me to buy one of them. What do you think? I could really need some help...

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    Default Re: Clubbing; A*Men vs M7

    Most people will probably say A*Men, but I guess it depends on what kind of clubs you enjoy and what you currently have in your wardrobe. M7 is a little more mature/elegant to me, while A*Men is more playful/young.
    You seem to have some woody/spicy scents in your wardrobe right now, so maybe A*Men would be a good sweet clubbing addition?
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    Default Re: Clubbing; A*Men vs M7

    Easy: M7! At least for me!

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    Default Re: Clubbing; A*Men vs M7

    A*Men is interesting so different and very in your face, which is good for a club I guess. M7 on the other hand is more intriguing and mysterious...this is hard.. maybe I´ll have to save up and get both..It always ends up like this

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    Default Re: Clubbing; A*Men vs M7

    If you wear A Men, in most probability there will be somebody else wearing it in the same club. I would recommend something slightly different but still has that sweet, ambery vanilla note which my lady frieds liked even more than A Men. Roma Uomo, Hanae Mori H.M Eau D Parfum,Body Kouros,Venezia Uomo. But my fave is Roma Uomo, it's fresh, smooth,and sweet/deep/masculine on the drydown. You can't never overapply, I suggest spraying it all over your body before putting on your clothing. Spray some more on your shirt. Bring the bottle in you car, spray some more before going to the club and you should have the lady of the night snuggling up to your chest in no time!

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    Default Re: Clubbing; A*Men vs M7

    None! They are far to common on the clubbin' scene. Choose something different like wood coffe or sticky cake from CdG or Cristobal by Balenciaga.

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    Default Re: Clubbing; A*Men vs M7

    ..hmm maybe they are too common, but of course they are for a reason..they both smell great! Body Kouros is a good one too...only that I have to drench myself in it (doesn´t stay at all on me).

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    Default Re: Clubbing; A*Men vs M7

    I love Amen and I dont hate M7 so there is no real comparison for me...

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    Default Re: Clubbing; A*Men vs M7

    A*Men is imo the best clubbing scent that there is. It seems to engender extremely positive reactions. Since M7 is imo a mediocre scent, this choice is pretty easy.

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    Default Re: Clubbing; A*Men vs M7

    A*Men by FAR. I love that scent a LOT and I really HATE M7. Nasty. Another choice would be Joop! or Givenchy Very Irresistable.
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    Smile Re: Clubbing; A*Men vs M7

    I'd go for both, really. You can find M7 at many TJ Maxx and Marshall's stores for about $20, and with the A*Men, you can get the 1.7oz bottle (the cool black rubber one) along with the shower gel and deodorant stick for like $45 online if you look around. There's no point in buying the big bottle of A*Men as it is so incredibly potent.

    The M7 is excellent for the more hot and humid nights (at least in my opinion, I'm sure others will disagree), and is truly magic on rainy evenings. A*Men can get nasty in hot weather, so be sure to use sparingly. Also, when applying A*Men, spray it far away from your body- if you spray it onto a small area of your body, it will be too potent and a bit acrid. When you let it spread out, all of the notes will come out in all their glory.

    Hope this helps...

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    Default Re: Clubbing; A*Men vs M7

    M7 makes me feel claustrophobic and dirty (not in a good way). And I get a lot of "you smell like an old woman" comments when I wore it. So of these two, I'd say A-men, but I'm not crazy about that either.

    Rochas Man is a good choice (or Bond New Haarlem, which is better, but I think not enough better to justify an extra $100 on the price tag). Also, I think Escada Magnetism is really good for clubbing.
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    Default Re: Clubbing; A*Men vs M7

    I would have picked M7 in the past but lately I have been coming around with a'men. So, I pick the latter.

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    Smile Re: Clubbing; A*Men vs M7

    ...there are really some mixed feelings about the two..I think I´ll have to wish for one of them for my birthday (coming up soon) and buy the other one..Anywas thanks alot for the input

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