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    Default A friend got a comment while wearing a fragrance I made...


    I have a friend who lives in my building. He's also an artist (and as a result, also a waiter, like me). Anyway, I've shown him my fragrance wardrobe before and we've had discussions about a number of my scents. The whole "dust on a lightbulb" thing in Odeur 71... he keeps bringing it up. He's kind of intrigued by the scent thing, which is odd because he's never had more than one bottle of cologne at a time. We were sitting on the roof of the building, having a drink, shootin' the sh*t about our hobbies and I said "Hey why don't you give me your input on a few of the colognes I've made."

    So he tried the two colognes I made and he liked them. Then I thought, "Why don't I show you my perfumers' materials and let's whip something up on the spot?" So he sniffed the materials and made suggestions (although I steered him away from certain notes that would have killed the whole thing--he was really gung ho though)

    Well, after an hour I diluted the parfum with Everclear and bottled it up. He said he was out of cologne, so I gave him a small bottle of it to take home and evaluate over time. Kind of a souvenir of his helping to create a scent.

    Today he called and left a message. I guess he's actually been wearing it to work and he likes it! And today a girl he works with commented on it. She must have an incredible nose because she noted right away that there was alot of jasmine in it. ( Honestly, the scent is not very interesting--kind of like Gendarme with a vanillic base and some aldehydes. I threw it together really quickly and it shows--It doesn't smell BAD though). My friend's coworker used to dabble with aromatherapy herself. I don't know what all she said, but I may actually be meeting this girl today at an art show. It might be nice to get some constructive criticism from someone who has worked with this stuff...

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    Default Re: A friend got a comment while wearing a fragrance I made...

    Wow! That is really interesting.

    First off, congradulations on finally making scents for yourself! Getting compliments on them are even better! You are off to a great start!

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    Default Re: A friend got a comment while wearing a fragrance I made...

    I think it is very cool that you got a totally unsolicited compliment on a fragrance you "co" designed. It's too bad, though, that it's not one that you are especially proud of. It's always the endeavors that you put your heart an soul into that render the most gratifying complements-not to mention the most devestating criticisims. CONGRATULATIONS!

    By the way, I would be very interested in trying a small sample of your creations. Would that be possible?

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