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    Default Help Me Find a New Fragrance

    Hello --

    My lifetime long favorite fragrance is Rochas Macassar. It just seems to combine with my natural body odors to produce a very memorable and long lasting (but not overpowering) effect.

    But I cannot find Macassar anywhere.

    So I am looking for a new fragrance to start wearing in the fall. I am an older guy's guys type of guy - both refined and a bit rough around the edges.

    Does anyone have any suggestions???


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    Default Re: Help Me Find a New Fragrance

    Welcome to basenotes!!

    Something I might suggest is Bois du Portugal from Creed. It is a refined scent that shares a manly quality. It happens to be one of the best scents I know of.
    Good Luck on your hunt!

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    Default Re: Help Me Find a New Fragrance

    Esencia Loewe

    If you are a out doors type of person, this will be good for you. Smells like pine needles and forest in general. Very manly and soothing.

    And welcome to the in the know

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    Default Re: Help Me Find a New Fragrance

    Why not something else from Rochas, like Rochas Lui. I think the description about yourself (both refined and a bit rough around the edges) fits this fragrance perfectly.

    You could also try (if you haven't already):
    Azzaro PH
    Davidoff Zino
    Ungaro III
    Guerlain Vetiver
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    Default Re: Help Me Find a New Fragrance


    I like the suggestions of Zino, Guerlain Vetiver & Antaeus.

    Blenheim Bouquet (Piney, citric & aristocratic)
    Lauder for Men
    Trussardi Uomo
    L'Occitane Vetyver
    Vintage Caswell Massey Greenbriar
    Gucci Nobile (rather difficult to find now)
    Bel Ami
    Knize 10
    Parfums de Nicolai - New York
    Something tells me you might be one for Eau Sauvage Extreme. Not for everyone though. Good in small doses.

    Polo would also hit it, but it is not really my cup of tea.
    In rotation: Greenbriar (new), Silver Mountain Water, Dunhill for Men (1934), Acqua di Parma Colonia, Habit Rouge EDC, Ho Hang, B*Men, Agua Brava

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    Default Re: Help Me Find a New Fragrance

    I don't know how far you're willing to go to get a bottle of Massacar, financially or otherwise ;-) but there's a 75ml on sale on ebay Germany for 100 Euros:

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    Default Re: Help Me Find a New Fragrance

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    Default Re: Help Me Find a New Fragrance

    I own and like most everything mentioned above but Basala by Shiseido is by far the closest thing I know of to Macassar.
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    Default Re: Help Me Find a New Fragrance

    Quote Originally Posted by Lightninrod

    Good find Light, but unfortunately it is "temporarily out of stock." We all know what that means... however, the smallest size (.17ml) IS in stock. You could just buy a whole bunch of those! They are kind of a rip-off though. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Help Me Find a New Fragrance

    I would definitely recommend JHL by Aramis. Gentlemanly and Refined.
    Tres Chic!
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    Default Re: Help Me Find a New Fragrance

    Welcome to Basenotes! Hey lad -- have you tried Guerlain L'Instant yet? It's simply magnifiscent. I also like the Creed bdp, Guerlain Vetiver, JHL and Azzaro PH suggestions. I'm wearing Azzara PH as I type and I'm absolutely blown away every time I wear this awesome fragrance. Silly in lust over it. The ambergris and anise make it special.



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    Default Re: Help Me Find a New Fragrance

    I've looked for Macassar vain as well, and have never even smelled a sample. I love Chanel Antaeus for a leather/dry woods scent. Also, have you tried Rochas Lui? How about Idole de Lubin?
    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: Help Me Find a New Fragrance

    by Caron (1976)

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