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    Default Not so rational...10 consecutive blind buys!

    Well,some of them not competely blind!
    Everything started when I wanted to find again my greatest love ever:
    L' UOMO TRUSSARDI,a not so long discontinued scent I used to wear some eight years ago.The same time I discovered ebay and I bought from a seller from Italy a big (100 ml) bottle for a fraction of the price asked from some online shops.Alas!Although the bottle I received was a genuine one (sealed,in its plastic opaque box) it failed to bring me the memories I wanted.What was my reaction?Erm,I had to buy a second bottle,just to compare!A small bottle this time (50 ml),smelling identical to the first.I accepted my defeat.It puzzles me what caused my admiration for it that given period of my life.

    Was the tomato leaf the ingredient that impressed me?Can I find something similar?This make me purchase ALL ABOUT ADAM from JOOP!(unsniffed).The gift set with the body wash was attractively priced and now I enjoy its fruityness.Not a buy I regret for.

    I prefer the smaller bottles (30 ml),even aesthetically.They give a chance to finish up some day a bottle.Well,Calvin Klein is a known designer,the reviews of the directory gave me courage,the price (once more) was low and this is how I got a bottle of ESCAPE.Super-potent (my mom thought that fragrance was spilled all over the house) ,fresh and even frutier.I like it.

    LANVIN VETYVER was sampled just once,a year ago.It passed as something pleasant.Did I mention that I did not pay much for the set containig the EDT,the A/S balm and the Body shampoo?But it seems that it suffers from poor lasting power.

    JOOP! NIGHTFLIGHT was sampled possibly ten years ago.Really clean and fresh.I tested it once more last year abroad and I decided that I simply need it.It should take some time for the 125 ml bottle to empty...

    Ten years ago I visited Rome and in a shop near Piazza Di Spagna I sampled the (then re-launched) CALVIN ,the original scent from Calvin Klein.I find it formal and rather <mature> for my taste,and I am not THAT young.Funny thing,I like more then...

    Then,it came a hidden gem:MONTANA PARFUM D' HOMME (the original).I wanted to replace my old bottle and the idea that it smells like Havana it made me to want it more.I was lacky because this one is rather hard-to-find,at least for a rational price.My most valuable purchase.(But no similarities to Havana).

    Did you know that there is also a 15 ml bottle of LACOSTE BOOSTER?So youthful and refreshing!I do not detect much more except mint and eucalyptus,but it serves greatly as a casual scent in a hot climate.

    And last,a green,spicy scent for hot weather was THEOREMA UOMO by FENDI.Sniffed only once,but the volume of 30 ml should not last long.Another hit I believe.

    But for now,I strongly think that my obssesion has faded.For the last couple of months I used to browse for bargains every day for about two hours or more.I do not have the same passion any more.Great news for my wallet and my leisure time!!!!
    It's never too late to mend.


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    Default Re: Not so rational...10 consecutive blind buys!

    yeah i got what about adam blind and nightflight semi-blind and i like them both

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    Default Re: Not so rational...10 consecutive blind buys!

    The NightFlight is alright!

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    Default Re: Not so rational...10 consecutive blind buys!

    Hello discovolante,

    this is not so different from my story. I was enchanted by Burberry Brit for men at a "Duty Free" (which within the EU are of course nothing of the sort any more), but 50 Euros was just too much money for a nice fragrance. A while later I thought why not check it out on ebay and got a large tester for 21 Euros. Since it was the unaffordable prices that had restrained my interest in scents, this unleashed the floodgates and I've been on a mad shopping spree ever since (which I am now trying to contain, harhar). I bought virtually my entire wardrobe within the last six weeks - and ended up here :-))
    Ebay prices are very tempting and in the end you do wind up spending a small fortune. Perhaps it's a good thing there are no good perfume discounters in Germany, I might be in therapy by now, or debtor's prison.
    But I am developing a clear sense of my preferences and, of course, hope to grow in terms of scent appreciation, perhaps with greater moderation from now on (there are natural, well unnatural, fiscal limits :-)).
    The best thing about this though has been to meet such an INCREDIBLY PLEASANT, GOOD-NATURED, ENTHUSIASTIC, GENEROUS COMMUNITY of totally crazy fragheads. Basenoters rule with style. Thanks for that!

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    Default Re: Not so rational...10 consecutive blind buys!

    Not so Rational? - That's my thought on What about Adam.

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    Default Re: Not so rational...10 consecutive blind buys!

    a while ago i was against blind buys, but i hace come around and now think that everyone must do whatever they want and try to get the most of it as a learning experience. -be that a good one or a bad one. i mean it's your money after all. the only thing i don't really like is vent and be annoyed if it becomes a bad experience...what's the use of complaining really? we know that it's a risky thing to do...

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    Default Re: Not so rational...10 consecutive blind buys!

    Just few days have been passed and the number "ten" is not adequate.Some more scents were added, ALL of them ordered unsniffed:

    XS by Paco Rabanne:small bottles are cool!And there is a hope for a 30 ml bottle to be emptied some day...

    Liquid Karl by Lagerfeld:I like Photo and Lagerfeld Man.This one is discontinued and a bargain too.

    Polo Sport Extreme:Pepper intrigues me.I liked the original Polo Sport about ten years ago and I am curious to sample this one.Do they share some similarities?

    Polo Crest (splash bottle):The facts that it is expensive and rare but I got it quite cheaply, were the criteria for this purchase!More of an investment than a concious buy.Funny thing:the same seller had listed a spray bottle too (isn't it somehow suspicious?) which ended up THREE times more expensive than the splash bottle.

    With the exception of Liquid Karl,I am nervously waiting to receive the rest.My shopping frenzy continues!
    It's never too late to mend.


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