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    Default Sniffing historic outbuildings

    What are your nominations for scents that smell like old wooden buildings?

    The closest I've found is a sort of cedar note within Ginestet Le Boisé, but this frag's fruitiness quickly spoils that imaginary moment where I find myself standing in a handhewn building whose carpenter has been a ghost for a century or more. Ideally, I'd like to find the odor of an old haymow, that part of the barn where dried hay is stored. There is no greenness in the smells of this world (I think fresh smells are entirely overrated). There is simply a mildly sweet, safe and organic aroma. The timberframe's more pungent resin vapors have been lost to the wind, and those remaining have been slow baked and powdered with dust. But, there is no obvious mustiness either--proper farm buildings are well ventilated. There is no trace of human input from foods or flowers (this is not Frapin's Attick). Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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    Default Re: Sniffing historic outbuildings

    Often L'Artisan Navegar recalls a rural barn to me, in a good way.

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