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    Quote Originally Posted by rjrober22 View Post
    Interesting post...
    Personally, I have NEVER smelled Kouros on anyone else....
    Incidentally, I wore "Kouros Fraiche" the other day to bed after a shower and....the wife literally attacked me saying how great I smelled...only one other scent (Lolita Lempicka) has solicited that kind of WILD reaction!
    I'll have to try Regular Kouros another time.
    IMO, Kouros is one of the best scents available. A friend of mine was wearing it this weekend and it smelled great! These urinal cake comments get old as they have no bearing on the actual scent. I'm intrigued by your post concerning Kouros Fraiche. I must try it

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    please delete double post
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    Default Re: A Kouros Mystery

    Just reading this thread made it just irresistible not to spray some Kouros........Just 2 sprays and whoaaaaaaaaao.........This stuff is just fantastic.......

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    Default Re: A Kouros Mystery

    I certainly haven't been stockpiling. I have a bottle of regular Kouros and recently picked up Fraicheur. I have received compliments when wearing Kouros. It does really smell beautiful on my skin. On the card, I was offended. I have Basenotes to thank for introducing me to this beauty.
    The same is true for Paco Rabanne PH. When I first smelled it in the store on a card I was assaulted by the sharpness. Now, I wear this regularly to work. Again, I can thank Basenotes here.
    I have learned that I need to smell a scent on my skin to decide if its for me. For example, I love the smell of Guerlain Vetiver, but it just doesnt smell good on my skin. I have been into cologne for about 4-5 yrs now (again thanks to BN) and I tend to prefer fougeres.

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    Default Re: A Kouros Mystery

    Quote Originally Posted by shamu1 View Post
    Unlike a lot of your average mainstream fragrances, Kouros has a very dedicated following. Its admirers (like me) tend to be very hardcore fans of this scent, and we will always buy and have a bottle of Kouros within close reach. Few fragrances elicit such hardcore dedication, and that dedication can make a lot of money for YSL!

    I know the minute I run out of Kouros, I'll be out buying another bottle.

    P.S. Oops, I just read Informer's post, and he already stated what I just said. Sorry to repeat the sentiment. meant to say that when you run out of Kouros, you will be buying the 99ml I have left or swapping me something for it. Not only do I not wish to smell like an unwashed wrestler while waiting for Kouros's magnificent dry down, but my wife told me the other day that I should ONLY wear Kouros while I am mowing the lawn. What an endorsement!
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    Default Re: A Kouros Mystery

    I have never smelled Kouros in Germany.. I wear it and I am unique here.
    I am 24 and teenagers or mid 20´ tend to buy 1 Milion, Le Male, Aqua Di Gio, Chanel Allure, Terre D´Hermes and so on.

    Kouros is probably bought by old men, who have used Kouros since 80´.

    I love this scent with Bvlgari Black.

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