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    Talking Brothers, Summer, CK, Airports, Perfumes etc....

    My older brother came in for a very short 3 day visit, which was fun, because I never really see him. He came in Monday morning but I wasn't able to see him till later. I came home around 8pm and after we did the hugs + kisses, he quickly brought me upstairs and opened the fridge. He takes out a small box, which held his CK Eternity Summer and quickly sprayed some on me. Extremely funny, he remembered when I used to put the stuff I don't wear during certain seasons in the fridge to preserve the scent. I actually think he picked out a really good first scent. It could be that the juice was cold while it was being stored, but the stuff was really cooling and refreshing on first spray.

    I wore CK Summer as my SOTD Tuesday and I was working in the production studio at my Universities Radio Station. The room was so tiny and it was extremely hot. We couldn't have any of the windows open because we had to do some recording, etc... All of a sudden one of the Production Managers opens the door and walks in to say some stuff. After she was done she asked if anyone was wearing any cologne. Although CK Summer smells great IMO, the sillage and longevity isn't the best. I was wondering how she could smell it after 6 hours of application, but I was cooking in that room. Anyways, we had to get this Station ID and on-air tape ready ASAP, so I didn't really answer her question. I was kind of busy and I didn't want to get into this perfume discussion so I lied and said it was some hand lotion I just put on.

    I kind of fell bad now because she said it smelt like one of her old boyfriends. I thought she wanted to know what it was, but although I do volunteer work at the station it seems they work us like just joking, but we had to finish this tape ASAP and I didn't fell like getting into this long discussion, but I'll make sure to tell her next time.

    Anyways, back up to Monday night. My older brother came in but we went back to the Airport to see off my younger brother that very same day. He actually missed his late night flight but was able to go on Stand-by and left in the morning.

    My older brother and I came back late Monday night, and started talking. Mostly catching up on things, and he asked if he made a good choice on the CK. He nows I'm a hardcore fragrance junkie and wanted some approval, he acutally knows at BN but doesn't come on or anything. I told him it was good stuff, and I thought maybe we should do something a little cool. I thought maybe I could use him as my fragrance guinea pig, I remembered a few posts in the past, where someone used their friends, co-workers, family, etc.. for their perfume opinions.

    I sprayed a bunch of stuff on my brother to see what he'd say, mostly a lot of BN favorites and some of my faves, The Results:

    Dior Homme: "It smells like Jelly beans...wait...smells like 7-up with Jelly beans. It's okay but the bottle is misleading, makes you think it's a conservative scent, but it's actually really bubbly".

    A*men: "Smells like cigarettes".

    ME: Well, do you get any chocolate, it's actually a gourmand scent.

    "Yeah, I actually get some stale chocolate smell, sorry I don't like it"

    I think maybe he just got the opening tar note and didn't go on from there.

    Musc Ravager: "It smells familiar (probably because he smelt it right after A*men). I get a whiskey smell and some licorice, I might drink it". He didn't like it.

    Tabac Blond Parfum: "Wow...this is nice. Smells like the display entrance at Ikea, the furniture place".

    Geir Ness EDP: "Mix Listerine and a day at the beach, it's not bad when you get to the beach smelling part".

    Basala: "Reminds me of the Mayan Civilization....No, I don't like it, I don't want to smell like historical death".

    C&S No.88: *Shakes head when sniffs the bottle*, "smells like the train farted. If a train can fart that's what it would smell like".

    Kouros: *Confused look on face*, "smells like an alternative for the nicotine patch, No I don't like it, smells a little like plastic.

    Rive Gauche: "WOW, classy stuff, good fragrance when you're on the prowl. Smells like rape to me, Classic and Promiscuous".

    Yang: "Smells like Baklava(a dessert made of thin pastry, nuts, and honey) I like it".

    Voleur De Roses: "Smells like Dimetapp, smells good at first but I fell like I'm getting gassed later on. Smells like poison ivy, like someones trying to kill me".

    MI: "Smells like CK Eternity Summer, wait...... makes me envision Lord of the Rings, a day with the hobbits dancing in the forest.

    DK Unleaded: "Smells familiar, like the hospital ward. I don't like it, Reminds me of licking envelopes".

    He was kind of died on with some of the stuff, but it's interesting to see how he associated every scent with something he was familiar with.

    Anyways, there you have it, my 3 day adventure with my brother, BTW, I smelt Amor Amor on this girl at the Bus Stop but I didn't say anything.

    Enjoy the Read Guys!
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    Thumbs up Re: Brothers, Summer, CK, Airports, Perfumes etc....

    i liked your post, thanks for sharing!

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    Default Re: Brothers, Summer, CK, Airports, Perfumes etc....

    Great story . And I for one think he made a great decision w/ the Eternity Summer!

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    Default Re: Brothers, Summer, CK, Airports, Perfumes etc....

    Hey, that was a gread read!

    Brothers are great for opinions on this stuff. I always ask my brothers what they think about new scents when I get them.

    I tried Eternity Summer awhile back and was amazed to find that I actually liked it. Not groundbreaking, but it smelled good and didn't have that annoying edge that stuff like Z Zegna and Nautica Voyage have. If I didn't have my huge wardrobe to use up and if I wasn't a jaded fragrance snob, I'd probably get a bottle of Eternity Summer if I had to get one scent at a department store. Now I want to smell it again.

    I especially liked reading the part of your story where your brother paid his compliments to Rive Gauche which I happen to be wearing right now. It's been a long night of drinking. I hosted a nude female figure drawing class at my loft last night. It was fun, but there were some people who came and drank my booze without paying the $10 fee. No big deal, it was fun. A few glasses got broken and I had to get mean with a few people who were making too much noise. I'm just glad everybody is gone and I can finally hit the hay.

    I just wanted to say I liked the story

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    Default Re: Brothers, Summer, CK, Airports, Perfumes etc....

    Great story, brothers are great!

    I especially like the comment about RG -- hilarious!

    Quote Originally Posted by nsamadi
    Rive Gauche: "WOW, classy stuff, good fragrance when you're on the prowl. Smells like rape to me, Classic and Promiscuous".

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