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    Arrow D&G masculine - woth buying?

    I am looking for a nice frag for summer days. I don't like most aquatics like Cool water, Aqua di Gio.... At the beginning(for the first 15 min) masculine smeels very citrusic, very fresh nice and healthy, so I think: Yes, I gonna get it. But after an hour I smell nothing, I think its gone after one hour

    What do you think of masculine: I've read different opinions...

    What about staying power: I think 4-6 hours are ok for a fresh frag, but one hour is not much.... I don't know if others can smell it.....

    Does anybody know something about the new Dolce Gabbana frag for men??


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    Default Re: D&G masculine - woth buying?

    I have often pndered the same question. I love the inscense note but fine the lemon a bit off-putting in the top notes. I will have to revisit this one. If you find the top note unsettling, go for some Terre D'Hermes! It has a wonderful inscence note throughout with a green undertone.

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    Default Re: D&G masculine - woth buying?

    Its smells problem is lasting power.....what's your experience??

    Buying yes or not?

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    In all of the 100+ bottles in my wardrobe, I find D&G Masculine to be totally indispensible. I keep a vial of it with me at work and when I am running myself ragged and working up a sweat, Masculine is an ideal refreshment. I may actually wear this one more often than anything else. It just feels "right". It just smells very simple yet true, if that makes any sense.

    And if you keep a little vial around to refresh with like I do, longevity doesn't matter. (I know it may sound obsessive, but it's much better than overcompensating with six sprays before leaving the house!)

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    Default Re: D&G masculine - woth buying?

    I tried it - it smelled really nice, but disappeared too soon.

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    Default Re: D&G masculine - woth buying?

    On me 3-4 sprays lasts all day at work and also later, easily 10-12 hours and the drydown is really nice too..averall I think it is a great summer scent..

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    Default Re: D&G masculine - woth buying?

    This is weird. Count me in the 6 sprays lasts a whole working day camp. I can't fathom it's only lasting an hour on you.

    But if it doesn't last on you, then do not buy it.

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    Default Re: D&G masculine - woth buying?

    The one time I tried this from oa sample, it lasted all day. I am going to sephora today and will give this a try!

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    i've always read reviews that it smelled like an updated barber shop scent, which i can totally understand bc it does have a slightly powdery talc feeling to it in the dry down.

    if you want something kind of similar but with better longevity and just more well rounded i would go with Terre D'Hermes. it has this wonderfully sharp citrus top note that blends into a much softer scent after it blends in with the woody cedar background.

    don't be put off by its initial drydown. its quite confusing, and a little bit of a mess with the pepper and the wood and the citrus all trying to find its place. but when it does settle down after 10 min its wonderfully sublime.

    there's lots of threads on it/contreversy -- but i LOVE it.

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