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    Default Fuille Verte Review(s)

    Seeing as we cant post reviews at the moment, I thought any of us who have tried it could post our thoughts here!

    I will start:-
    This starts with much greeness and devops into a middle which is full of vanilla and ambergris not dissimilar to acier aluminium. At the very bottom, and quite faint, is the jasmine which still retains a green quality. Overall it is quite a sweet scent. Throughout, I feel any attempt has been made to marry two quite contradictory directions, the green vegetation, almost like the heavy smell of a forest, rotting organic material and all; and the soft sweet vanilla. At times throught its development this works and at others it does not, they almost curdle.

    At the end of the day, I cannot see this working as a general release, I think it is interesting but ultimately not a huge success. This could explain the nature of its release...?

    Anyone else?
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    Default Re: Fuille Verte Review(s)

    Another bomb from Olivier ?

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    Let me have a stab. The lime is detectable in the topnotes which quickly fades to some raw woods. The overall longevity is poor, at best 10 minuites. At $475, it ought to have sillage from hates! Not worth the money.

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    I think this is rather a GREAT scent...So much so that well....its not important....I like this and will have plenty to last me.

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    This is one of my favorite Creed so far. I am fortunate indeed to own this Oliver Creed creation. It's perfect for summer and the green leather flacon is a "collectible". This scent to me is very elegant. It's starts out with the Lime and Mandarin but the Bulgarian Rose note hangs on till the drydown. I think the rose and the oakmoss blends perfectly well in the middle notes. This fragrance stayed on my for an entire day!! The sillage is wonderful and I've got numerous compliments from this fragrance. I really love this one:-)This one is a keeper... I was going to buy a second bottle, but it's all sold out. Hope Creed makes it again!!
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