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    Default I'm back! (with reviews)

    Well, howdy everyone! I haven't been able to check my email (my employer's proxy server blocks it), so I haven't been able to post.

    Things have been pretty uneventful around here, but I do have some fragrance news.

    First of all (I missed posting on the threads relevant to this), I have received very many compliments on Rive Gauche (especially this one), Antaeus, and Jaipur.

    Secondly, I have expanded my wardrobe. I went through, and they were very pleasant to do business with. Here's what I bought-

    Basala- As good as the reviews make it seem. I perceive it as a cross between Gucci Envy and Gucci ph, with emphasis on the Envy. To my nose, it changes a great deal from topnotes to drydown. I can't really add much to what other people have said about it; it's fantastic. For those who are concerned with this, I think it would appropriate for all ages (but it projects confidence and mystery like no one's business)

    Kiehl's original musk- Not what I expected, but it is pleasant. To me, it smells a great deal like Jovan Musk for women, which is what my step-mother has worn all my life. So, there are some strong connections for me. There is more of a floral bouquet in the topnotes than Jovan, however. I would hesitate to call this unisex; I certainly won't be wearing it to work. It would be great on my girlfriend, but I don't know if she goes for musk. Pleasant, so-so, glad I didn't spend much on it.

    Jaipur- I originally smelled this is EdP, and I was worried that the EdT version that I ordered would be a let-down. That was not the case; Jaipur in EdT still packs a magnificent punch. It lost a little of that buttery-croissant accord, but I still like it. In fact, I can't stop smelling it; I can't put my finger on what makes it so intriguing. I call it a gourmand, and I'm glad I finally found a gourmand that I can wear (without that damned detestable synthetic chocolate note!). Boucheron calls it a spicy oriental, but I think it smells like a bakery. I love it.

    Knize Ten- I finally broke down and bought this little gem. As some people have mentioned, it might be hard to pull off. It starts out a lot like Bandit, which scared me. Those topnotes (patchouli? weeds?) smells like it should hurt my throat. It dried down to a more mellow, dignified scent within an hour. Very classy leather, almost syrupy cherry pipe-tobacco note, maybe some amber (?). It's put together well enough that I can't really discern the individual notes. I'm not wearing it right now, so I'll get back to you when I decide how I really feel about it. It is, as the bottle declares, the gentleman's toilet water; people who care about age should be warned that I would not expect girls, teens, 20-somethings, or fresh/ozonic/watery fans to like this. I'm 24, and I expect I'll wear it often, but I have weird taste.

    So there you have it. I only recently received these four, so those reviews are sort of off-the-cuff. Let's see, what else is new... I've mostly been wearing Antaeus, Kouros, Drakkar Noir, some Live Jazz, and Rive Gauche. I'm sad that it's been too hot to wear some of my sweeter favorites, but then again summer is too fleeting to get all upset. Bought the lady some new perfume; Amor Amor and Chanel Chance. She loved them both (24 yrs old). I kind of wish I had chosen another Chanel for her, but I felt rushed when I was at the store. Maybe I'll get No. 19 next time.

    Ok, I have stuff to do. I'll talk to you all later.


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    Default Re: I'm back! (with reviews)

    Welcome back Ben and thanks for the reviews.

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    Default Re: I'm back! (with reviews)

    Welcome back!

    P.S.: I love your avatar... I'm a Mac user, too.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: I'm back! (with reviews)

    Very entertaining reviews, I enjoyed them a lot!

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