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    Default Escada Pacific Paradise

    I just bought this today. It's AMAZING! Now I feel like buying the previous summer offerings like Rockin' Rio and Island Kiss blind. How do they compare to Pacific Paradise? Oh, and do you people here think it's wearable for a guy?
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    Default Re: Escada Pacific Paradise

    I have never tried Pacific Paradise, but bought Rockin Rio this summer, and Island Kiss last summer. Rockin Rio, to me, smells mostly of tropical fruit, where pineapple dominates. A simple, fresh summer scent for young people at a beach party. Island Kiss I remember as a fruit cocktail, too. I became bored with both scents in no time... I will try PP, tho (but maybe not buy), since I`ve had most of the Escada summer scents.

    Of course you should wear and enjoy your PP!!!

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    Default Re: Escada Pacific Paradise

    i think it's a bit on the sweet side but it's still nicer than, say, rockin' rio wich turns too ripe on the drydown. i do not think that it's an amazing scent, it's just ok.
    i think it's wearable for a guy if the guy wants to use it and feels comfortable in it.
    most of these escadas are fruity and some are even very very close to one another -tropical punch, sexy graffiti, ibiza hippie- but on ibiza hippie the top notes are a bit fresher...

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    Thumbs down Re: Escada Pacific Paradise

    .... just another cheap smelling water for teens with daddy`s golden charge card!

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