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    Default Cartier:Santos Eau de Sport.

    That could be another blind buy,I should have been braver:the price was low,but I was hesitant and I lost the item just for a couple of GBPs.The reviews in the directory are in favour of this one and especially Naed Nitram's review is intriguing:
    "The Baron de Charlus once delivered a lecture to the Society of Perfumes in Paris on the topic of Santos Eau de Sport. Dispensing with his usual preamble, he spent the first ten minutes studiously sniffing his wrist, occasionally nodding and muttering to himself. The audience grew restless. After ten more minutes of his sniffing and muttering, several people were on the point of leaving. Suddenly the Baron declared: 'Messieurs and mesdames, can this be Cartier's finest? O subtle blendings of sandalwood, spices and I know not what mysterious ingredients of the perfumier's art! O sensation so smooth and exquisite that it verges on sheer monarchical indulgence and aesthetic prurience! Forgive me, but I must leave now, for if I stay any longer I fear I shall burst into tears!'"
    Anyone owing/having sampled this rarity?
    It's never too late to mend.


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    Default Re: Cartier:Santos Eau de Sport.

    Yes, it is a darker rendition of Santos, but i went with the Concentree version which when compared to the Sport version, is just simply EVIL!

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    Default Re: Cartier:Santos Eau de Sport.

    I have both the original and sport. There was a time when I would have said the sport was better than the concentree, my opinion has changed somewhat, I think - The concentree is hands down some fine fine juice..

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    Default Re: Cartier:Santos Eau de Sport.

    Sampled Sport years ago at a local Perfumania and, as is always par for the course, it was nowhere to be found recently upon returning.

    At the end of the day, it's pretty much just a brighter version of the wonderful Santos. More herbal.

    .....Sport generally can't be found at any substantial discount, but I invested none the less.........Absolutely worth it............

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    Default Re: Cartier:Santos Eau de Sport.

    Well,I must be ...erm,obsessed .
    Almost two years after my original post I managed to get a bottle of this one and by the way a affordable one.Thank's for some previous posts,at first I thought that the plastic bottle was a fake one,but that's been clarified.Next step is to smell and evaluate it!
    It's never too late to mend.


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    Default Re: Cartier:Santos Eau de Sport.

    Truthfully I do not see what all the hype is about concentree....I have the regular santos and love it....although I did not have the same feelings as concentree...its harsher and not nearly as warm as the original..and for a person who has Yatagan in their wardrobe...I do not feel a need of having concentree as the regular is nothing like the "Yat" but to me the concentree is a spitting image of it!

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    Default Re: Cartier:Santos Eau de Sport.

    The sport is much closer to the original (especially the original formulation), than to the concentree. It is a bit fresher, but not in a modern "fresh" way. It wears a bit lighter, the mid notes are a tad more green, but the base is pretty much the same. Overall, out of the three my favorite remains the original.
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