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    Default Turning addiction into art

    I am a fragrant addict who makes perfumes.
    Are you always looking for new frags to buy, hoping to find the perfect scent?
    Why not make your own perfect fragrances using the ones you have as basenotes?
    With just a dozen of the perfumes you have already bought you can compose hundreds of new ones.
    Then you can wear them, have others smell them, name them, swap them, and why not, sell them...
    You can highjack the perfume system, become "Composer perfumer", transform your passive addiction into an active passion.
    The greatest satisfaction will be when someone wishes one day to buy your "creation"
    The method is simple, valid for all brands of perfumes, and explained at: with photos to show how actually do it.
    As a perfumer I also use some of my compositions as basenotes, because a composed perfume has an harmony, a logic, a coherence of it's own, exactly as any essential oil which is composed of dozens of single different aromatic molecules.
    This is just what a commercial perfume is, a composition of dozens of single (synthetic) aromatic materials.
    A natural perfumer works with essences which are already composed by nature with dozens of molecules, his perfumes contain sometimes thousands of molecules, much more than any perfumery fragrance.
    Using these comercial frags as basenotes you, DJ perfumers, can become very near as a result to the fulness and complexity of natural perfumery.
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    Default Re: Turning addiction into art

    I'm new to these boards and like your creative approach! I mainly am doing this now by layering fragrances with scented bath and body products, which creates new scents more suited for me. No matter how many fragrances or perfumes I've tried, no one ever seems to get it *exactly* right for my own personal taste and doing this over the years has given me some really great ideas for creating my own new fragrances. I have yet to attempt any of my own, but I am working up the courage!

    This addiction to fragrance is really a passion for me, uplifting and energizing, rather than destructive. It speaks to my soul.

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    Default Re: Turning addiction into art

    I'm currently wearing a mix of Gucci Pour Homme and Body Shop Tobacco Flower. It's not working as well as I thought it might- the Tobacco Flower has much more staying power, so is dominating the scent now. It was good at first, though.

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