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    Default Visiting London: l'artisan

    decided to buy something of l'artisan.
    when i was in lithuania i wrote e mail to l'artisan. asket to send 6 samples. They send me 2 - 1)tea for two and 2)dzing

    Dzing is too mascular for me. not very romantic scent.

    Tea for two- yes, i liked it. it's very animalistic. rainy lithuanian weather. tea for two and passion. i probably will by tea for two.

    Was in Harrods. They sell on the 1 floor just l'artisan candles.
    Liberty is closed. House of fraser in Oxford street when i was in london previos time had L'artisan. Now they do not sell them.
    In Selfridge i've found: musc et mur, mimosa pour moi, passage d'enfer, l'eau l'aritsan ; and some others...(about 8).but they had no merchant loup, volieur de rose, timbutku, dzing, tea for two....

    i don't know weather i am correcy but in passage d'enfer i could feel something from T.Mugler A-man

    Diptyque Phylosikos and L'artisan Figuer are very simmilar. they surprised me. why? it's a scent not of flowers, fruits, but of vegetables

    today i go to l'artisan shops: i do not know which one is the best (there are 3 l'artisan shops in london- one in city, one near queensway, the other- near bond street);
    interesting do they sell or give samples. because it's hard to understand such scents at once. usually you fall in love with them after not the first sniff...

    i do not know, weather tea for 2 is the best choise?
    i'll try and others. what would you sugest?
    my absolute favorites: egoiste chanel; opium edp; and musc ravageur (got sample of it)
    i like scents with sillage; impressive ones

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    Default Re: Visiting London: l'artisan

    It might help you to read the current "House Referendum" thread, which is on L'Artisan. There's a lot of good information and descriptions there.
    Good luck with experimenting. I hope you find some winners.
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    Default Re: Visiting London: l'artisan

    I think Tea for Two is an excellent fragrance. It's long lasting with moderate sillage. Nice smokey tea scent that for me works even in hot weather.

    Go for it!

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    Default Re: Visiting London: l'artisan

    Tea for Two. Rich woody oriental

    Have fun.

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    Default Re: Visiting London: l'artisan

    Quote Originally Posted by DreamerII
    i like scents with sillage
    L'Artisan Parfumeur makes some wonderful fragrances, but I don't think that "scents with sillage" is one of the things a person thinks of when attempting to describe the fragrances of L'Artisan Parfumeur.

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    Default Re: Visiting London: l'artisan

    so, i was in l'artisan shop near bond street station;
    was smelling there all of l'artisan scents
    and finaly... bought... TEA FOR TWO

    also asked for 2 samples (passage d'enfer- this one is really nice: real hell; but a problem -weather to buy passage d'enfer for 70 or Mugler Aman - for 20 (50ml)- on sale in Harrods). Passage d'enfer i think is better, not so sharp, cloying.

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