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    Default Searching for lip-gloss

    Too much work putting a clear gloss on top of a lipstick. Please help me find lip gloss, specifications:
    -- glossy (Burt's Bees is very pleasant with a tingling sensation, it conditions lips, but where is the gloss?);
    -- with a tint of color (tried new Neutragena balms, too much color and no gloss, and looked at Bonnie Belle's glosses with just gloss and no color), prefer natural tones: browns/nudes, pinks, berries, no denim blue or disco purple or lettuce green;
    -- no sparkly particles, please (unlike those shiny elements in L'Oreal Juicy Tubes, Milani, CG Wet Sticks), or "perle" effect, most of them now seem to have those two combined;
    -- with a hint of taste (again, like in Burt's Bees);
    -- not too sticky, when one can't open a mouth without feeling that their lips are sealed, literally.

    Drug store brands are a plus. "Proletarian" prices are even more so. TIA.
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    Default Re: Searching for lip-gloss

    Origins haves some which have a refreshing mint taste.
    Mac have vanilla chocolate taste,not all are glittery.
    Smashbox do some great texture,not sticky,good cover,stay on. No real taste though.
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