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    Default Looking for fragrance for Wifey

    My 45 YO wife is just starting to wear fragrances. She is an artist, and is usually filthy (occupational hazard), but likes smelling nice. She has a sample of Fresh Pink Jasmine that she likes, but she is looking for a more "single note" perfume. Any recommendations for my pretty artist?

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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance for Wifey

    I don't know the Fresh, but Serge Lutens A la Nuit is a beautiful jasmine scent.

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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance for Wifey

    My suggestion is Diorissimo (Dior)

    The notes according to BN are:
    Top: Lily of the Valley, Ylang-Ylang
    Middle: Amaryllis, Boronia
    Base: Jasmine

    To me this one smells like a soliflore.

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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance for Wifey

    second diorissimo and may i say that she might want to try out (just a blind reccomendation here cause i don't really know much about your wife) calèche eau délicate as well...
    give us more to work on! what else has she liked in the past?

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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance for Wifey

    Thanks for the recommendations- she really has never worn anything, and the Fresh Pink Jasmine is her first scent- she defintely does not need a jasmine scent- she said she wants more of a single floral note. Any other suggestions? Like I said, she is an urban artist type, in her 40s, mother of 2 kids, cultivator of flowers.


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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance for Wifey

    Bosari's Violetta Di Parma is a violet soliflore, very soft and pretty. It's not a scent that will distract her while she works.

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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance for Wifey

    Why not test a rose-scent-frag? You have YSL Paris, Stella by Stella McCartney, and there is one I tried today, Agent Provocateur, with a lovely fresh rose-scent. Just guessing that your wife doasn´t like the name of the last frag, but the frag is really very nice......

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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance for Wifey

    Thanks, great suggestions.

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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance for Wifey

    Annick Goutal do several beautiful single note scents - jasmine ( my personal favourite) and honeysuckle spring to mind, but there's also La Violette and several others.

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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance for Wifey

    Lilia Bella
    Rosa Magnifica

    L'Artisan Parfumeur
    Mimosa pour Moi
    Verte Violette
    Oeillet Sauvage
    Drole de Rose


    Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier
    Rose Muskissime
    Eau de Camelia Chinois
    Magnolia Pourpre
    Freezia d'Or
    Fleurs d'Iris
    Rose Opulente

    Narcisse Noir
    Muguet du Bonheur

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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance for Wifey

    I own Fresh Pink Jasmine because I got it exceedingly cheap on Ebay. I never can find any jasmine in it. I find it to be a citrusy floral bouquet, mostly freesia and lilac. It is light yet I find it to have a waxy, thick-ish sweetness so that if I wear enough to smell myself at all, it usually also makes me nauseous.

    Notes (from sephora): Red orange, freesia, lilac, magnolia, peony, jasmine, tiare flower, precious woods, peach skin, marshmellow

    I believe it is the marshmellow combined with the soup of every heady blossom in the dictionary that turns it on me. :x

    So, for a similiar, better (IMO), more single note freesia, I say try Ralph Lauren 'Ralph'. It doesn't get a lot of praise on basenotes but who cares what we think. Ralph is more clearly and airily freesia, it's simple and sweet, with a hint of fruitiness. I own it and like it, BTW.

    Notes (from sephora, again): apple tree leaves, yellow freesia, italian mandarin, japanese loquat[this is japanese plum, I don't know if its the blossom or the fruit, but I guess the fruit] osmanthus, magnolia, linden, purple freesia, boronia, musk 2000, white orris.

    If you go for Paris, I recommend going on Ebay and getting a Spring release-- the "Eau de Printemp-s". These are lighter, and less perfumey than Paris, but I'd also get them just for the pretty bottle on Paris Premeires Roses and Paris Roses Enchantees. She's an artist, so she might really appreciates the bottle as well. These two bottles are color shaded. The PPR is green on the shoulder and base with a apricot-pink body that shows up to varying degrees depending on viewing angle. The PRE goes from apricot on the shoulders to a lavender pink base. Eh heh, it's a serious kick for me.

    My favorite is the Premeires Roses as I find it less simply rose--more of a rose jasmine, and I like the touch of vetiver in the base. I know other bn-ers who like Roses Enchantees the best. This year's Roses des Vergers is also nice, a leafy green rose but I like it least of these three, and the bottle is tacky-a strip of stencil type pink roses. Bleh.

    Moving right along, Un Lys by Serge Lutens is the most gourgeous lily soliflore on earth.

    I second Verte Violette and Mimosa pour Moi by L'Artisan as delightful soliflore scents.

    I add Kai (my holy grail, you know) as a fresh green gardenia to try--it's a roll on oil, and they also offer a lusciously thick body lotion. Another great gardenia, and oh so reasonably priced, is Yves Rocher's Pur Desir de Gardenia. It's just lovely, and it lasts and lasts and lasts.....and lasts some more, all without being too strong or cloying.

    For an actual jasmine soliflore, go for Serge Lutens A la Nuit. It carries a clear jasmime note all the way through dry down. TDC's Jasmine de Nuit is another great one, but late in dry down the jasmine fades to slightly powdery meld of it's lovely basenotes. It's great, don't get me wrong, but it's not the jasmine note.

    Well, I could on forever, but now I think I'll just stop.
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance for Wifey

    You could also try some samples of Madini oils

    They have some beautiful renditions of soliflores- some of my favorites are Azahar (Moroccan orange blossom,) Neroli, Nardo. They also have a lovely Rose too. Their blends are also very nice if you ever want to try those out.

    Also someone mentioned Kai and I must second that thought. On me its the most gorgeous, green, moist gardenia. While a bit on the pricey side, to me it's worth every cent.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance for Wifey

    Caron: Bellodgia (A delicate but very present floral). It's personality reminds me of classic Diorissimo (I have a 1960's version of Diorissimo, don't know if it smell like the current version.) Both swooningly pretty fragrances.

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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance for Wifey

    Thanks to all of you for giving this so much thought. I have so many avenues to explore!

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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance for Wifey

    try the new missoni scent, very strong daffodil, or even better that my wife and i love is bluebell by penhalligons here in the uk. it really smells of fresh bluebells, best floral by miles!

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